Doogie Horner's chart of talk show hosts: a Boing Boing exclusive

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We've featured the amazing work of graphic designer and comedian Doogie Horner on Boing Boing before. (HOWTO explain the Internet to a Dickensian street urchin, Things to say during sex, Heavy Metal band name taxonomy)

He's got a new book out filled with these funny charts, called Everything Explained Through Flowcharts.

Everything Explained Through Flowcharts is packed with meticulously designed charts that trace the labyrinthine connections that order the universe, illuminate life's great mysteries, and cause eye strain in senior citizens. Swiss scientists at the prestigious University of Helsinki have said that Everything Explained Through Flowcharts is the closest thing there is to a working unified field theory, and have gone on to claim that they aren't Swiss, aren't scientists, and aren't sure whether or not Helsinki is in Switzerland. And yet the Swiss consulate has not denied that this book contains more than two hundred illustrations, forty mammoth charts, and innumerable supporting graphs and essays, including:

• An illustrated matrix of WWF Finishing Moves
• Heavy metal band names taxonomy
• The noble art of zeppelin warfare demystified
• How to win any argument
• Tragedy to comedy conversion chart for comedians
• A creepy drawing of a baby skeleton
• How to tell if you're an evil twin

To celebrate the launch of book, Doogie created a chart of late night talk show hosts especially for Boing Boing.


The above is just a small portion of the chart. The entire chart can be viewed here.



  1. What about Bob Costas and Greg Kinnear, hosts of “Later”?
    Also, didn’t the Tom Green Show start in MTV in 1999?

    1. Tom Green actually started with a show in 1994 or so on a local public tv channel, which then moved on to the Comedy Network. But I guess since that all happened here in Canada, it doesn’t count?

  2. Whoa, wait, what!? The super-hilarious guy from America’s Got Talent is the same genius who made the Metal Band Taxonomy and (I’m assuming) the Beer Taxonomy, Sex Talk, and Comedy charts!?

    AWESOME. I will buy three of these, give two away, and keep one for my library. Doogie, please keep being so unbelievably awesome. The world needs this type of funny right now.

  3. What no “Magic Johnson”. and the Magic Hour?

    (only)Memorable Episode: Howard Stern and his band the losers with two guys farting and a girl queefing to Wipeout.

    And speaking of Howard Stern, no Howard Stern?

  4. I guess if you search enough there were a zillion of these things… The Pat Sajak Show, and Nightlife with David Brenner, for example.

  5. How did Craig Ferguson end up looking chubbier than Jimmy Kimmel? Furthermore, “The Late Late Show” is on CBS not NBC. And, you would assume that a guy who has received a Peabody Award for his interview with Archbishop Benjamin Tutu would rate highter than 5 coffee cups. Sheesh.

    1. The coffee cups aren’t a rating system, idgit. That’s how many seasons they’ve been on. Read the legend.

      Your other points are valid. CraigyFerg rules.

  6. “Chevy Chase
    Memorable episode: (none)”


    the only part of an episode I remember is when a guy cut himself with a gag knife. it was weird and not funny.

  7. I think the network designations are a little out of whack. “The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson” is on CBS, not NBC. “The Kilborn File” is (was?) is either syndicated or on Fox. And if the rule is to go by the last network (rather than most notable, longest running, or some other criteria) then “The New Steve Allen Show” was syndicated.

  8. There was also The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers on Fox, and Magic Johnson’s The Magic Hour on Fox. Damn, Fox needs to not have talk shows.

  9. Sad that Zach Galifianakis’ “Late World” isn’t represented. (Granted it was only a dozen or so episodes, but still… I watched it in that night time slot.

    I wish there were more surviving episodes of Ernie Kovacs’ work. I’d love to see more

  10. I liked this. However …

    (a) While I’m a big fan of Stewart and Colbert, I’m not sure they really belong here, since their shows are not really like the other talk shows on this list.

    (b) The inclusion of Larry Sanders is also a bit odd, considering that Larry Sanders was a fictional character doing a fictional talk show.

    (c) As badc0ffee mentioned, what about “Later”? I used to enjoy watching that. Chevy Chase gets a mention, but Bob Costas and Greg Kinnear don’t?

    (d) Most of the drawings are great; but the drawings of Letterman or Ferguson just don’t look quite right for some reason.

    (e) And, finally, at the risk of piling on, as several other commenters have pointed out, Ferguson is on CBS, not NBC.

  11. Chevy Chase memorable moment Les Paul and Nigel Tufnel playing together and Les laughing as Nigel explains about “it goes to eleven”

  12. Joey Bishop. Thick of the Night. And since fictional is included, the Sammy Maudlin show was a daytime Merv Griffinesque show but Maudlin of the Night would have been a nice touch.

  13. Daytime talk shows such as Jenny Jones and Maury Povich must have planning calendars like:
    Monday: Send the misbehaving little bastards to faux bootcamp
    Tuesday: Who’s the real father of that ugly baby?
    Wednesday: My sister/father/son/uncle/neighbor slept with whomever.
    Thursday: Incest
    Friday: Big tits day (Someone think of a reason)

  14. I love Jimmy Fallon and sincerely miss Space Ghost. Also, this graphic just made me realize for the first time that there were no women hosting late night shows until, like… now.

    I’m not sure why Stewart wouldn’t belong here? I also like his show. I was never an old school Tonight Show style entertainment fan though. I agree it’s different but then entertainment changes doesn’t it?

    Some of these I’ve just not heard of.

  15. Don’t forget Whoopi Goldbergs late night show. It was in the same format as “Later”.
    It had a short run but she had an excellent interview with Charles Schultz and another was with Stephen Wright.
    On Chevy Chase’ first episode, Goldie Hawn was a guest and she and Chevy ended up dancing, I believe it was the only one I watched.

  16. Other notable omissions that I don’t think any of the previous commenters have mentioned include: Merv Griffin, Bill Maher, Dennis Miller, Marty Short, and Wanda Sykes

  17. No chart showing and the link “The entire chart can be viewed here” just points back to the same, chartless BB post.

    Am I doing something wrong?

  18. Um, Mike Douglas???? (with mention of his John and Yoko interviews?)

    That and not including Merv Griffin seem to be big oversights. Don’t expect the list to be conclusive but those guys were on for years and years and had huge audiences.

    1. Wasn’t The Mike Douglas Show a daytime talk show? I’m guessing that’s why Mike Douglas wasn’t included on the list of late night talk show hosts. But not including Merv is just inexcusable.

      1. Duh. You’re right, Douglas was daytime and this is nighttime only. I shouldn’t post before I have coffee!

  19. No Charlie Rose?!?!? Seriously Tavis Smiley makes it but Charlie Rose, who does the most insightful interviews gets cut? Wow.

  20. Hello Commentors,

    This is Doogie Horner. Thank you for the helpful comments! I realize I left off a few hosts (Merv Griffin being, in my opinion, the most significant omission), but a comprehensive list would’ve been too long, I wouldn’t have been able to including little drawings for everybody, and I’m not a good enough artist to draw Bill Maher’s nose. So instead I included all the current late night hosts (except Greg Gutfeld, who is on so late that I’m not sure if it’s really late night anymore).

    A few clarifications:

    – The coffee cups fullness coincides with the number of seasons, not how “good” a host is.
    – Tom Green’s early public access stuff was in Canada, and I limited this chart to American hosts
    – I included the Today Show and Colbert because they are late night, they do have actual guests on the show, and they are awesome.
    – I realize that Larry Sanders and Barth Gimble are fake characters, but both their shows were so incredible, I couldn’t leave them out.
    – I left Craig Kilborn’s most recent network as CBS because it’s still unclear if the Kilborn File will get picked up by Fox or not.

  21. I’m in Canada too, but no, I don’t think shows in Canada are on-topic for this chart, any more than UK ones would be.

    You got me thinking about Canadian talk shows, and I just remembered Mike Bullard. *shudder*

  22. Hi Doogie,
    Yes, Tom Green was on public access in Canada in 1994, but the MTV (US) show started in 1999!

  23. Tom Green’s show that started in 1999—the Tom Green Show—wasn’t a late night talk show. The New Tom Green Show was, but it didn’t start until 2003.

  24. This is a great chart! But I have one correction: Colbert shouldn’t have a moon because he comes on at 11:30 and I’m pretty sure always has. I thought that was only for shows from midnight or later…

    Otherwise I quite enjoyed it! I especially liked Colbert’s sidekick :)

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