Pornoscanner CEO flew with Obama to India


Huh, this is an odd little footnote: Deepak Chopra (not THAT Deepak Chopra), Chairman and CEO of OSI Systems—they make those the Rapiscan backscatter imaging devices now used at many TSA checkpoints—was one of a number of executives who accompanied President Obama on that recent trip to India. Here's OSI's press release. They have their own political action committee. (thanks, Joel Johnson!)


  1. Maybe it’s the fact that I recently watched the Venture Bros. season finale, but the OSI sounds like a front of some sort.

  2. @Anon-
    Obama did this. It is a giant scandal. Give the story time to propagate, and you’ll see people go apeshit, alright.

  3. this is getting more surreal by the minute. i get more and more the feeling that obama is working for THEM! or is he an android? and john pistole? any relation to peter gunn? that dude has got to be an android, if i’ve ever seen one. i remember when they opened the first jack-in-the-box drive-thru on pacific coast highway in huntington beach. when was that, 67, 68? i thought i was hallucinating. but no, people actually ate there. god knows what, but i think we are seeing the results now. a whole generation of zombies yearning to obey. i watch the “man-on-the-street” interviews on the “news” programs, “i-like-it. it-keeps-us-safe. i-say-yes. please-xray-me. please-fondle-my-balls. this-is-good. it-keeps-us-safe!” thank you, sir, for your opinion. but safe from whom? i continue my own imaginary interview. “from-osama-ben-laden. from-al-qaeda. from-the-taliban.” oh yeah, who are they? “they-are-bearded-men-living-in-caves-in-waziristan.” guys living in caves in waziristan? hmm, right. now, let’s come back to earth for a minute. someone please explain something to me because i must have missed the infomercial while i was taking a piss. a few years back, we were afraid of the russians. now, THAT, i could understand. they had tanks and rockets and war heads. but they laid down their arms all of a sudden and became capitalists like us. seems they were afraid of an old guy full of botox and advancing alzheimer. we’ve been in afghanistan for 10 years now, no one has seen or heard of ben laden and we’re chasing some guys around in bath robes with no army, no equipment and no bases and we can’t defeat them with the biggest army the world has known since emperor chin? how could we have come to terms with the russians? what will we do if the north koreans attack? iran could swat us down like a fly. there is something i am not getting here. was it because i left and i never ate that stuff at the jack-in-the-box? is america a land of plastic androids whose craniums have been filled with jello? after all, you are what you eat. this is getting scarier by the minute. and it’s not ben laden and the taliban who scare me. it’s you!

  4. Anon: Shrub Light did this, and people SHOULD be going apes**t.

    I see four political parties in our future, or at least I hope I do – a center left progressive democratic party, a center-right democratic party, a right-wing republican party, and a far right teabaggers party. And if you see a wee little imbalance in that map, my friend, you too win a pony. But not from me, I’m one of those middle class guys who are already busy financing the bankers’ yachts.

  5. @mkmcfr I am rarely speechless, but wow. And a heartfelt thank-you for your post, you made my night with your stream of consciousness.


    Someone else who doesn’t drink koolaid

  6. Damn OSI crooks. No wonder Brock Sampson left them. But hopefully now that Col. Hunter Gathers is in charge, things will get better. Even if he has no real balls, he’s got metaphorical ones!

    And as far as body scanners go, I’d rather be a Venture flying in the Cocoon than be a regular Jane flying commercial.

  7. “Oh my someone fulfilled all the internet jokes after the shoe bomber!”
    “What you mean, man?”
    “You know, all the jokes about how the next guy is going to have explosive underwear, so we’ll have to take our pants off in addition to our shoes.”
    “That’s crazy, people won’t take their pants off.”
    “You’re right. Let’s put some tech on it!”
    “Yeah! Tech it up! Hey, tech, wotcha got?”
    “Why I can make people take their pants off but keep their pants on. But it’s gonna cost ya!”
    “No worries, we have a safety mandate”
    “Excellent, just sign a few checks, and I’ll fill ’em out later.”

  8. I’m surprised that when rapiscan’s marketing guys took a look at their name and product none of them thought to rename the company something that sounds less like “rapist cam”.

  9. I know, I know, “conspiracy theory, blah blah blah.”

    I think both the Democrats and Republicans are being run, and while we pick sides, squabble among ourselves and have mini “revolutions” through voting every 2/4 years, they are laughing all the way to the bank…

    1. you certainly aren’t alone in this theory… then again what percentage of Americans can point to the countries we are at war with on a map? Or believe Obama is a Muslim who happened to infiltrate the oval office and that that being true alone doesn’t completely fuck us… I second your comment but i am also of the opinion that what we believe matters less every second wadded between all the crap of the masses.

    2. It’s only a conspiracy theory if there is a single cabal running the show. This is simply lazy people failing to keep the greedy people in check. Also known as world history.

  10. Ha, I just figured out that “Rapiscan” is the real name…I thought it was a joke on here about rape-scan.

  11. while it’s reassuring to know there are more than two people out there who can see past the smoke an’ mirrors, what are we the people gonna do? how about this? “well sir/ma’m i am afraid of being zapped in the balls and bones by radar, so i’ll take the grope. but please understand that having some guy feeling my privates is not how my parents raised me. so, if it’s not against the rules, i NEED for a female to touch me. no, it’s not for gratification, it’s for my need to feel safe. isn’t that why we pay you? to feel safe? i have no objection to a lady in comfortable shoes checking my stuff out, since i’ll understand she isn’t there for her personal pleasure. oh, i’ll take the grope in public, thank you.

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