Trailer for a little-known Charles Bronson movie: Killing Hipsters

"Sure, he wears a mustache, but he does so unironically." Charles Bronson Kills Hipsters


  1. Some of you may know that Serpico was shot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. (Hipster ground zero.) What you may be unaware of is that he was shot actually shot during a heated debate over whether Sleigh Bells or Ariel Pink is the better band.

  2. I’m not going to engage in anti-hipsterism until somebody gives me a definition of Hipster that doesn’t describe themselves.

    I couldn’t figure out what a hipster was so I did some asking around among people I know IRL. I’ve concluded that Hipster is a word that Hipsters use to distance themselves from slightly different Hipsters.

    1. Hipsters are defined as anyone who adds “-inski” to the end of their first name. And people shot by Charles Bronson.

  3. Coincidentally, the TSA have been awarded the 2010 Charles Bronson prize for ‘Excellence in Vigilantism’.

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