Glif Available to Public

The Glif, an iPhone 4 tripod adapter, can now be purchased by anyone. The little adapter that could came into being in part through a Kickstarter crowdfunding effort designed to raise as least $10,000, but which pulled over $130,000. I've already received the rapid-prototype or 3D-printed version of the Glif promised to donors at a higher level; the mass-produced injection-molded item will be out soon to supporters, followed by anyone ordering from the Web site.


  1. Don’t you think big bad greedy Steveie is going to come knocking at your door for “unauthorized” use of an iPhone?

  2. That’s brilliant, although a cheaper way is to just stick a piece of velcro on the back of the phone and the other piece of an old whatever with a screw mount.

    Wait, what am I saying, this is an awesome piece of equipment, very small, although I wouldn’t trust it without trying it out first and 20 bucks is very affordable. Maybe it’s just not good for moving around too much in case it slips off.

  3. I’ll continue using a $5 microphone clamp. I don’t know if tripods and mic stands have the same size screw attachment, but it works quite well.

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