Obama says, "Don't touch my junk"

In this funky, funky remix, a fiery Barack Obama tells the TSA: "Don't touch my junk."

Obama to TSA Don't Touch My Junk (Thanks, Richard!)


    1. wavechild said

      “Obama’s not going to do anything about it.”

      Since a Democratic Congress and the Great progessive President haven’t even reversed the suspention of Habious Corpus, one begins to ask,

      ‘What HAVE they done?’

      Somebody should make a list of things that have been done to reverse the end of the Republic by Obama when the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress, that would not have happened under Bush and that Republican Congress.

      (Oh! that someone would be me … f*%kin’ internet.)

      1. Health reform (that would have served the status-quo just a little less)

      2. Time limit on the Afghan War (which will be broken)

      3. Bail outs of the car industry (Bush would have given it all to the financial corps. who caused it)

      4. Bank Reform that did one thing to correct for de-regulation (that wasn’t because ‘it’s all your fault you consumer addict bastards’)

      5. Leave in place the extra-judicial military courts system (and claim they are only parallel to the Judiciary, and no threat to the constitutional rights of citizens.)

      6. ??? (add some)


  1. Awesome remix.

    Words like “frisk” and “pat down” are euphemisms that make it sound not so bad. Let’s call it what it is: assault.

    If it is necessary for anyone, it is necessary for EVERYONE. The president and his family and everyone flying in and out of every American airport need to be scanned and/or groped.

    That’s what EQUALITY means.

    If you want to know about the other kind of political system read George Orwell’s OTHER Book, “Animal Farm.”

    Rumour has it that they turned off the scanners today to fizzle the Opt-Out protest.

    Thing is, if they can do it today, why is tomorrow any different?

    1. “Rumour has it that they turned off the scanners today to fizzle the Opt-Out protest.
      Thing is, if they can do it today, why is tomorrow any different?”

      Sadly, it sort of answers itself. It simply reaffirms everyone’s (rightful) suspicion that the TSA’s porn-scan-fondle-theatre is, well… just theatre.

      For some reason, I’d like to know… what if Shakespeare himself had written a play about security theatre?

  2. Nice fantasy to think el-Presidente is on your side. The simple fact is this, Obama was presented, reviewed, and ordered the nudi scanners and the child, mother, and granny groping. Don’t run to the office of the president for help on this matter, that’s where the problem began. … I take that back, if you can make Obama fear for votes in 2012 as being the end of his political world come election time then yes, by all means let him know you’re not pleased and would like his help in avoiding sexual assault.

    Think about what the political ads are going to look like. Him bowing to Kings, the king of Saudi Arabia, the King of Norway, and the Emperor of Japan. Think of all the groping ads to come as well.

    Good luck everyone.

  3. Of course, outside this funky, fiery remix, the good Mr. Obama shows no such interest in pushing back against invasive security theatre…

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