Colonel Gaddafi uses Botox to maintain own youth, beauty

Photo: Asmaa Waguih / Reuters
From El Pais:
The U.S. ambassador to Tripoli reports that Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi uses botox and that he is a hypochondriac who films all medical examinations for later analysis with doctors.
The soundtrack to this blog post is performed by Mark Dennison of Grenoside, Sheffield, U.K: Source [El Pais]
Coverage of the leaked cables:

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Colonel Gadaffi uses Botox to maintain own youth, beauty
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  1. Question:

    Is it true he employs only lady bodyguards? Or is this just a myth?

    I remember reading somewhere that he keeps himself surrounded by female bodyguards during public appearances.

    Please explain.

    1. Yes, he totally does. When he travels abroad he even request 20 to 30 young womans from that country to come to his tent and have a meeting with him.

      At least he did it in Spain and Italy.

      Apparently what he only does is some Islamic proselytism and gives away free Korans.

      PD: The girls have to pass a casting. No fat chicks for Old G!!!

  2. Apparently he travels with a voluptuous blonde Russian Medical Assistant.

    I remember back during Bush I when pictures of Gadaffi, or as he was then known Kadaffi (spell check suggestion: Daffiness) in drag were published in newspapers. This was part of a disinformation campaign by the US government to destabilize Syria by causing Gad/Kad to lose face in the region. Unfortunately our ideas in that part of the world don’t seem to have improved much.

  3. I thought he maintained his youth by draining the life force out of children. Maybe I’m thinking someone else…

    1. I thought I was the only one who ever used that phrase with any frequency. I feel I am in good company.

      Yeah, that soundtrack…perfect for the Q-Man.

  4. So now Gadaffi knows that someone on his medical staff or knew about his botox treatments leaks things to the US government. Bang up job Wikileaks!

      1. We should model ourselves on HuffPo:

        Sports News – Look at the cute cardigan that Michelle Obama wore to the Lakers game.

        Media News – Did Michelle wear the same cardigan on Oprah that she wore on Leno?

        World News – Whose cardigan is cuter: Michelle’s or Carla Bruni-Sarkozy’s?

        1. What about The Daily Beast? Like The Daily Boing!

          Seriously, he looks like a shaved lion. Or the beast from the TV show version of Beauty and the Beast.

    1. Well, I did believe in miracle,s but after gazing at this thug’s mug, I may have to reconsider . . . and cancel my salon appointment.

    2. Well, I did believe in miracles, but after gazing at this thug’s mug, I may have to reconsider . . . and cancel my salon appointment.

  5. How can you have mention of the good colonel without also referring to his voluptuous blonde Ukrainian nurse?

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