Support the magnetic ribbon industry ribbon!

Finally, a magnetic ribbon that actually provides material support for the cause it espouses!

I'll see your empty gesture and raise you...


  1. I’ve had one of these on my Jeep for years. My wife bought it i 2002.
    I can always tell when the people in the car behind me see it, and realize what it says. Most people just never read it, assuming that it is a support our troops magnet.

  2. Crap, I had this idea years ago too. Just didn’t have my own flexi-magnet factory to make them due to lack of public support.

  3. There is nowhere on their site to actually buy the ribbons-it says they are sold at the bottom of the page, but all there are is links to other sites..grrr

  4. This morning I pulled up behind a truck with ribbons and thought to myself: even if my Mom had breast cancer or my best friend went to go fight a (pointless) war, I would never stick an ugly ribbon on my vehicle. . .

    Still holds true, but haha anyways. . .

  5. Go stick another ribbon up your SUV.
    Stick your apathy up your passivity.
    If I see another ribbon on that SUV:
    I’ll flip you the bird and make a word of the day; complacency.
    So stick that stupid ribbon up your S-U-V

  6. I had one of these on my car for about 5 years. I recently took it off and put it on a big black SUV, replacing their “Support Our Troops” sticker. I wonder if they’ve noticed it yet.

  7. I’m surprised these magnets are still around considering they can and will eventually fuse to the paint of your car.

  8. Back in 2005, Brian Sack on the Banterist asked for your help:

    The statistics are gut-wrenching.

    Every twelve minutes, another cause suffers from lack of a ribbon.

    Many of us take ribbons for granted. When cars pass us on the highway with 2, 3, even 8 ribbons it’s easy for us to think that every cause has a ribbon.

    Unfortunately, that’s far from the truth.

    No doubt you’ve seen breast cancer ribbons, patriotic ribbons, autism ribbons, lupus ribbons and dyslexia ribobns [sic].

    Amazingly, they’re only the tip of the iceberg. The sad fact is there are hundreds and hundreds of causes that end each day completely ribbonless.

    Even in America.

    I know it’s hard to believe, but even in the land of plenty, unwed mothers lack a ribbon. Cross-eyed bandits. Sephardic pimps. Churro Awareness. The list goes on and on.

    That’s why I’m asking you for your help.

    I’m counting on you to make a small financial sacrifice. Your much needed funds will help us identify new causes.

    Like Chicken Envy.

    And your funds will then help us assign those causes new ribbons. Unique ribbons. Ribbons that say we care.

    I’m thinking yellow and white – for the chicken part – with a frilly green edge to symbolize envy.

    See? We can make a difference. That difference starts with you. Don’t be discouraged by the seemingly overwhelming task ahead of us. Though there are countless un-ribboned causes – like Fat Acceptance and Dandruff Pride – we can come up with ribbons for all of them. But we need you to help.

    Your contribution will help buy hundreds of shades of blue or green or yellow, not to mention low-cost icons, clip art, squiggles – whatever it takes to get the message out and stuck on the back of a car. Once we do that, we’re halfway to a cure. Unless it’s not a disease, in which case we’re halfway to acceptance or awareness, depending.

    But one thing is certain: Without your help, we can not cover this great country in ribbons. While god, guns and guts made this country great, ribbons help keep it together. Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons. And rubber bracelets.

    The Fund for Ribbons needs your support. And ironically, we need a ribbon ourselves.


    Jan-Michael Vincent & Tone-Loc

  9. A friend of mine worked for a company that did vinyl truck lettering. Back in 2002 he got annoyed at the pointless ribbons and made a whole series or sarcastic ones and gave them away to friends.
    My personal favorite was one two feet long that said “I CARE MORE THAN YOU DO”. His boss immediately stuck it to the back of the company truck.

  10. On another note, I always loved the “These Colors Don’t Run” bumperstickers that are so old, the red has faded to pink and the blue to cyan.

    1. The other thing I find funny about the “These Colors Don’t Run” slogan is that the same people that have those stickers also generally hate the French and call them a bunch of cowards.
      The colors on the French flag? Red, White and Blue.

  11. Just knitpickin…but shouldn’t they be money green instead of yellow? If so, I’ll take two. One for my moto and one for my car.

  12. Wow. I literally have had a similar magnet for 5 years now. “Magnetic Ribbon Awareness” in magnet black. Best nine dollars of snark I ever spent. (Got mine at

    I had it on my car when I lived in Southern Illinois, because of the large number of ribbons around at the time (including a red one that read “Go Cardinals!”). After I moved out to SF Bay, I took it off, because magnet ribbons weren’t nearly as popular, so it just lost something.

  13. Oh, man. I’d love to have one of these things – I think I’d get my ass kicked or my car vandalized down here in Real America ™, though.

  14. some people have less of a sense of humor about things like this than you might realize. I had one of these on my car in 2002 and several people took time out of their days to write me threatening notes. I didn’t think much of it until my car was vandalized and the magnet stolen.

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