Wikileaks under legal assault


Wikileaks may be under denial-of-service attack this morning, in advance of the whopper diplomatic cables release—but according to this legal complaint filed by a gentleman in Kentucky who used his "credit card to pay for Dick Cheney's heart surgery" and "had a sexual affair with Barack Obama," they now have far greater problems. As you can see from the legal complaint, he's not messing around: he "taught Assange how to hack," and previously sued Hurricane Ike. The plaintiff is currently incarcerated in a federal prison that houses mentally ill inmates.

Wikileaks Molestation []

Alternate link to scan, in case the CIA takes the other down.

Coverage of the leaked cables:

"9/11 of diplomacy" IDs Putin as Batman and Medvedev as Robin
Colonel Gadaffi uses Botox to maintain own youth, beauty
"Global diplomatic crisis" sparked. U.N. spied on; Saudis want Iran bombed
Korea unification plan; Illicit Pakistan nukes; U.S. warns Germany "under attack"
Wikileaks under legal assault
US will press criminal charges against Manning


  1. According to the suit, Assange is the founder of… can we get a banner with “An Important Message from Julian Assange”?

  2. I usually love what y’all do here — but these kinds of letters get sent to public people (especially in government) every day because they’re symptomatic of people with serious mental disease (such as schizophrenia). Once you’ve seen hundreds of them — and they’re all very similar — you realize they’re not that funny. They’re not unusual. This man is already incarcerated. There’s not much to laugh at in the carnival of human misery.

    1. Damn right. I can laugh when I see things like this, or people shouting at bins on the street, because they’re not a regular occurrence. But I’m painfully aware of how distressing it must be for a person to be in such a state. It seems to me that mental disorders would be much better if someone was effectively away from the fairies, with no link to Earth. But when you read over something like this you can see their awareness of the real world and only imagine what it must be like to have your output so dramatically different from your input.

    2. The other thing, if he does have a severe mental disorder (Wiki seems to say he’s incarcerated for wire fraud), is that if you Google him you get his filed lawsuits and photograph/mugshot. I would imagine that would play into your delusions in a pretty fucked-up way.

    3. Thank you for saving me the trouble of having to repeat myself in this thread. I honestly don’t understand the point of posting such documents other than to make a spectacle out of them. There is nothing inherently informative about them other than the potential for people to LOL about the symptoms of someone who is very severely ill. It’s pretty much the same as posting graphic images of people’s diabetes-induced glaucoma because it does not effect the majority of the population.

      I could be wrong. Maybe the poster meant to follow up with something educational about mental illness?

  3. After reading the first page, I was thinking, “LOLZ this guy’s insane in the membrane.” But then by page two it was more along the lines of a sympathetic, “This guy’s quite literally crazy.”

  4. my opinion: this guy is a comedian, not insane. he’s compiling all these hilarious lawsuits for publication in a book ala “letters from a nut” by ted l. nancy.

    • dr hughes vagina received the congressional medal of honor for capping the bp oil spill
    • julian assange is trying to steal his credit card information in order to buy black just for men hair dye from walmart
    • he met berny madoff on
    • grand theft auto is inciting his fellow inmates to attempt to steal his gold jesus chain
    • he met perez hilton on a gay chatline called ‘the manhole’. perez hilton refers to him as ‘johnny choo-choo’
    • jeff gordon wrecks other drivers by dropping tic-tacs and oil through a trap door in his race car

    the facility where he is housed is no longer a mental institution according to wikipedia, and he’s locked up for wire fraud, not for any mental health issues.

    the dude is hilarious

    1. This is silly. You assume that people with mental illness are somehow efficiently diagnosed by the criminal justice system and that people are somehow “locked up” just for being mentally ill. Criminal behavior is associated with mental illness because you can be locked up for crimes you committed while suffering from the symptoms of a mental illness without having been diagnosed as such. Spying is common among individuals with paranoid schizophrenia. Given the letter and the wire-tapping charge, this is pretty text-book.

  5. nope. i’m not making any such assumption. you are absolutely right that many people with mental illness are locked up in prison for crimes they committed as a result of their mental illness, but are not officially diagnosed or treated.

    my point was that the text of riches’ lawsuits (i read a number of them) seemed to be filled with clever quips and pop culture references. i mean come on: barry bonds used hank aaron’s bat to crack the liberty bell and sold steroids to nuns? he dunked on MJ in high school? joe montana is in business with tony montana from the movie scarface? he sued michael vick, joe montana, allen iverson, michael jordan, and wayne gretzky for breaking into the hotel Watergate in the 70s, failing to build a ballistic missile defense system at his prison, and claimed they all fought in the battle of normandy in 1066. before the 2005 super bowl, tom brady “put a recording device in donovan mcnabb’s chunky soup. he ate it”
    he filed a lawsuit against a laundry list of prisons across the globe and included on the list were: the shawshank redemption and cool hand luke. he also sued: the medieval times, mount rushmore, the ming dynasty, and the celestial object pluto.

    the post claimed he was housed in a mental health facility, which he is not. he is locked up in a federal prison that happens to be a former mental health facility. he was locked up for a credit card and other scams he committed in collusion with several other people from which he made hundreds of thousands of dollars. i know of no link between credit card scams and mental illness, but maybe you’re right and it is “textbook”.

    i’m not saying the guy isn’t crazy. i really have no idea. all i’m saying is that it’s my impression that he’s a prankster. i mean, isn’t it possible that this con-artist is up to his old tricks? if ted nancy had written his letters from prison would everyone assume that he was insane? probably.
    prison has got to be an excruciatingly boring place. i think riches has a new hobby.

    seriously, he calls himself the white suge knight

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