HOWTO kill mentions on Twitter

I may be revealing too much of my own OCD-ness here, but when a friend pointed me to these instructions for how to ensure you never see another "So-and-so's Daily" in your Twitter timeline... I wept with joy.


  1. That opt-out just keeps you out of other people’s annoying “newspapers”. Sadly, it doesn’t prevent you from receiving them.

    — Charles

    1. Huh, really? I haven’t seen any of them pop up in my tweetstream since I @’d the address in question. Here’s hoping.

  2. I share your frustration, but adopted a more drastic solution. During one of my periodic Twitter followee purges, I simply unfollowed everyone who uses

  3. I am not sure if the fact that nobody I’m watching on Twitter uses this thing means I’m out of the loop, or too cool for school. Maybe both.

  4. i’m with Egypt. i have no idea what this is, and i’ve been using twitter for almost a couple years now, i think.

  5. Can someone who knows Eddie Izzard please tell him to rid himself of it – it posts to twitter and facebook everyday.

  6. In my small experience appearing in them is the only thing that leads to recieving them, in the form of mentions. So it should work. Or at least radically help someone in Xeni’s position.

    I also confess I’ve never been quite able to work out what it was I did that lead to the citation.

  7. I have fortunately never seen this before, but I’ve had to find a filtering solution to get rid of annoying Fallen London spam without unfollowing a large number of otherwise interesting friends.

    If you use the web interface in a browser which supports Greasemonkey, I recommend the Tweetfilter user script. It merges seamlessly into the Twitter interface. It’s actively developed and the developer responds promptly to user feedback.

  8. “ Nutzern fördern ihre Zeitungen und tweeten die höchstwertige Beitragende.
    Wir verstehen, dass einige Twitter-Nutzer in solche Tweets nicht mehr möchten erwähnt zu sein. Sie können hier sicher machen, dass Sie nicht mehr in solchen Tweets erwähnt werden.”

    This is the coolest translation into german i’ve read in a long while.

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