Mean Monkey Monday 8


"The Lady and the Gorilla."

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  1. Heaving bosoms, check. Angry simian, check. Bare-chested he-man in mid-stride, wielding a weapon, check. Scratch marks/terrified expression on woman to show monkey(s) mean business, check. This baby is firing on all cylinders.

  2. Is there ANY way you guys could point us to the actuall article about the person who was “flogged by red sadists” :D

  3. Was there really such an innocent time where men publicly aired their insecurities like this, or did they buy these wearing trenchcoats and sunglasses, since there was no Penthouse or Hustler?

  4. I haven’t read all of the comments to the many, many crazy images of apes and monkeys assaulting white women while white men take action or are about to, so I may have missed it if someone already pointed this out, but I was over at Kotaku and they have an article about “Is Donkey Kong good or evil?”, and that made me realize, Donkey Kong is indeed one of these covers, just in game form! IIRC Donkey Kong has kidnapped the white princess (well I think she’s white) and the white man (of Italian descent, or perhaps Italian) must rescue her from the ape. This cray meme is not just on pulpy magazine covers from America in the… when is this…. 1950s? 1950s! Or whenever they were!

  5. Major Dieter Hellstrom: When I went from the
    jungle to America, did I go by boat?
    Bridget von Hammersmark: Yes.
    Major Dieter Hellstrom: Did I go against my will?
    Bridget von Hammersmark: Yes.
    Major Dieter Hellstrom: On this boat ride, was I in chains?
    Bridget von Hammersmark: Yes.
    Major Dieter Hellstrom: When I arrived in America, was I displayed in
    Bridget von Hammersmark: Yes!
    Major Dieter Hellstrom: Am I the story of the negro in America?
    Cpl. Wilhelm Wicki: No.
    Major Dieter Hellstrom: Well, then, I must be King Kong.

  6. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that some enterprising artist will provide us fodder for Wicked Wookie Wednesdays.

    1. Indeed it is! At some later Mean Monkey Monday, after there have been enough to make a decent list, we need to have the names of all the magazines that they’ve come from thrown in a cage to fight to the death.

  7. This was before people knew a gorila’s dong is the size of a thumb (it really is, look it up). She’ll be ok. Or perhaps a little disapointed.

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