Photos of good-looking pencils


Pencil logos of yore were very attractive. Bob Truby has nice photos from his impressive collection.

Brand Name Pencils (via Make: Online)


  1. Lovely pencils. I can’t help but feel uncomfortable looking at those dry hard erasers. Dead erasers – or worse when the eraser is worn down to the metal – on paper are like nails on a chalkboard to me.

  2. Gotta quit looking at these. last time Mark posted about pencils I spent hours looking at pencil sites and bought a Pentel PG1019 GraphGear 1000. That ELECTRIC-SUPER is pretty boss.

  3. Nice design on pencils (and other art tools) still exists. You probably won’t find it at the local strip-mall art store or university book store with art supplies, but it’s around, especially German stuff.

    That said, I don’t mean to say that there’s anything as great as some of these. A couple of these give off a real 50’s/60’s vibe which is pretty much inimitable.

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