RIP, LSD (Boing Boing Flickr Pool)


"R.I.P. L.S.D." Found in a cemetery in Williamsport MD, photographed, and contributed to the Boing Boing Flickr Pool by reader Camera John.


  1. No one ever believes me, but you’ve got pretty much zero chance of finding any LSD for sale anymore. DOI, DOB, all the other psychedelics that are active on the microgram scale are too easy and cheap NOT to sell as fake LSD.

  2. i get so frustrated when i hear the older generation perpetuate this “no real lsd left” myth. believe me moonchildren, it is still readily available and as potent as ever. sure, it may be a little harder to come across, but i think more than anything people just grow the fuck up and become less willing to find it. doesn’t mean you have to spoil the fun for the rest of us.

    that being said i do sincerely hope that those who gripe get their hands on some and experience the magic once more. i’d dose them all if i could!!!

  3. I dated a lovely young woman for several years who boasted these very initials. It was not believed to have been intentional on the part of the parents.

    You could say that I enjoyed two forms of LSD. I remember both fondly, but I no longer have relations with either.

  4. Well, if it’s around and real in the rural midwest, I’m guessing you guys talk to the wrong people in California.

  5. They busted this man i believe back in 99′ with over 10 million doses, yes 10,000,000 doses, moving his lab from an abandoned missile silo in Kansas. He was not only the largest manufacturer in the USA, but probably the world. He is now serving two life sentences. That is where all the sunshine went my friends. Now we’re stuck with chemistry under-grads pushing either completely fake, or low quality shit. Thank the DEA for that one.

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