Boing Boing is answer to "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" TV game show question


Boing Boing reader John Wessling of Texas kindly alerted us to the fact that "Boing Boing" was the answer to a question on the television game show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire," hosted by Meredith Viera. The contestant incorrectly chose "Bang Bang," and lost $20,000.


  1. She lost $20K? Damn. Last time I chose Bang Bang it cost me $1,500, which seemed high at the time; guess I came out of it better than I thought.

    1. thanks for the pedantry, bro, but how would that choice be correct if that choice is not the correct answer? I do not follow your logic.

      1. Having a go a parsing jonathanbruder. Options include:

        – She chose, in correct accordance with the rules, the wrong answer.
        [or other version where ‘to choose incorrectly’ is not the same as ‘to choose the thing which is incorrect’]

        or, as a droll effort to play on structural ambiguity

        – She chose the wrong answer and, as is correct, lost the money.

        But I think Xeni’s mean is clear.

        Man… I stopped working to write this comment.

      1. Yeah, I realized Xeni ruined the premise of my joke as I was typing it. I’m sure there are a lot of attractive women here. In fact, it’s making me uncomfortable. I’m going to do the thing where I pretend to be really into my phone.

    1. If you can’t find cute girls at the places where you go, the problem may not be due to shortcomings in the locations.

  2. @#9, #10
    Haha! Xeni is jealous!
    Well, you see Xeni, you are a hot _celebrity_ now – not quite the same category as ‘cute girls’.

  3. And somewhere, the founder of the defunct Madison, WI zine “Bang Bang” turned off his TV, walked out the back door, and stared up at the sky for three hours while silently cursing himself.

  4. This is giving me flashbacks to middle school, when all the boys had crushes on the popular girls and I was left mostly alone with my viola and science fiction novels.

  5. I think we’re missing the most noteworthy part of the article:

    Apparently, they’re still making episodes of millionaire. I know I’m not a representative sample, but I thought that it had quietly slipped from the schedules ages ago.

  6. Relax, I’ve seen hot women reading Boing Boing. Where do you think the Burning Man babes go during their browsing time?

    I see several spinoff ideas here: Snap Snap can be urban geek gossip, Zap Zap can be the new gadgets vertical, Bang Bang can be geek-friendly action movies (anime, martial arts, etc.)

  7. Does anyone know the name of the contestant who is pictured in this shot, the women who didn’t know the answer to the “Boing Boing” question?

  8. It’s strange that they would have a question such as this for so much money… I mean it’s not like boing boing is known by more than like 15% of the general population. Seems a tad unfair to people that aren’t involved in the whole “blogging” thing.

    1. Anon the interesting thing culturally is not that it’s for so much money, it’s that it’s for so *little* money.

      The game is played to $1M. The first set of 5 or so questions are obvious and score low – the next set of 5 are challenging but not considered impossible, and negotiating the final set of 5 (give or take, depending on the localised structure of the game – I’m going from wiki’s description of the US ver) – is seen for genuine players as the real game.

      So – what we have here is a central element of “nerd culture” which, ranked in questions 6-10, is seen as relatively readily knowable by “mainstream culture”.

      5 years ago a boingboing question would be definitely in that final 5 questions.

      They should have asked what kind of animal was used as a chaser by BB, and put it at the $1M. I’d have got it!

  9. If you want to be a stickler about adverbs, go after the people who use “momentarily” and “hopefully” incorrectly.

  10. This isn’t the right thing to do, so let’s go!

    Young girls know what they’re after
    Young girls don’t kiss me goodbye
    Rockets shoot off to space
    And buildings rise to the sky

    Bang bang -I got mine
    Bang bang -reach for the sky

    I keep a good friend on video tape
    He’ll drive his sports car until it’s too late
    But we’ll have a hot time on the town tonight
    Cause love is my gadget and it’s the best yet

    Bang bang -I got mine
    Bang bang -the sun don’t shine
    Bang bang -oh what a hot time
    Bang bang -I ought to be in pictures

    Lets go!

    Oh girl
    Oh girl my problems can’t follow me
    Phone calls I take my machine
    I wander lonely to the sea
    Lonely ha ha ha! What does it mean?

    Who Me? Ha!

    Bang bang -I got mine
    Bang bang -and you are next in line
    Bang bang -reach for the sky
    Bang bang -and that’s all it means, man!

    Here, have a glass of wine!

    Rise buildings
    Rise to the sky
    Young girls know what they’re after
    Young girls don’t kiss me goodbye

    Young girls…

  11. feh, come back when you are a Jeopardy Question


    (hey, Cory’s work was one of the quotes on bookending a Criminal Minds ep a couple years back…Jeopardy isn’t out of the realm of possibility!)

  12. I dated a girl that was a Violin nerd with an IQ of 186, man if only I stayed with her, she’s got 2 phds…
    and cute girls are smart, look at Danika McKeller and Jenifer Connely, growl.

    1. The baby boomers? Holding on to all the good jobs and giving themselves supersized golden handshakes. Doesn’t sound clueless or lost…

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