Hairpiece or Herpes?


From the people who brought you Bacon or Beer Can, now this:

Hairpiece or Herpes? (via reposter, thanks teapot)


    1. You beat me to it!

      Just now I realize, though, that, to be accurate, they should all be saying “hairBiece/herBes.”

  1. I see you listed this as FUNNY and ENTERTAINMENT, neither of which properly describe the terrible thing you just posted. This is basically a Jeff Dunham level joke. “HEY, Arabs are goofy bumbling fools- they talk funny.” Why the hell would you want to perpetuate bullshit like that? Jokes at the expense of a community are not funny.
    Dumb and insulting on too many levels. Damn, if jokes that border white trash racist become a staple on this generally awesome site I will be upset and sad.

        1. No! you don’t understand, they won’t stop, they don’t feel.. they are outrage-for-the-sake-of-outrage machines!

        2. Question: If myself and my friends were to take turns attempting to imitate Irish accents (which, by chance, we did last night, to great comedic effect), would it be racist?

          What about laughing about Canadian accents, or Texan ones? How about Alabaman accents?

          It’d be racist if I made a joke implying that Europeans were inherently superior to Arabs. Think “All Arabs are terrorists”. This isn’t a sweeping statement that all Arabs have silly accents. It’s a joke about how thick Arabic accents sound silly.

    1. Tell me, this is at the expense of which community? The non-native English-speaker community?

      Yeah and is putting the rastaman down, right? Rage is a useful thing – if you know when to engage it.

      So far, you are the only person in this thread to think this:
      “HEY, Arabs are goofy bumbling fools- they talk funny.”

      1. You are kidding yourself if you think the humor of this is void of negativity towards the Arab community. I guess unaware of context and sensitivity as well.

        The inclusion of a sexually transmitted disease in this is a reference to the rumor that Yassir Arafat died of a sexual transmitted disease. It’s purpose is demeaning in nature.

        He’s is also a beloved figure. If people openly mocked Malcolm X or Martin Luther King Jr. it would be at the very least distasteful and at most racist.

        As for the Rastafarian “joke” its insensitive bullshit. Their religion preaches avoidance of alcohol, why pair the two?

        So where the hell is the humor in this if not in the fact that his style of speech and dress are different?

        1. He’s is also a beloved figure.

          Ah yes, dearly beloved Yassar who, in order to always be on the Forbes 500 list of world’s richest men, stole the food right out of the Palestinian children’s mouths. Under his regime maybe about 10 cents on the dollar wasn’t outright embezzled and spent on things like luxury villas in Tunisia and (my favourite), the world’s greatest collection of French Impressionistic art. To add to his posthumous belovedness he didn’t bother to make a will so, under the laws of France where the bulk of the loot was, every nickel went to his hot, blonde wife – ew-la-la!

    1. Come on man… humor, sarcasm, irony, wordplay… don’t you understand that this is how we thinking people deal with all the world-bullshit?

      If you don’t laugh, then you have to cry.

    2. did you know that these lovely people, our hosts, have emedded a few nifty keyboard commands into the front page. j and k. they advance (or go back) between the articles on the front page.

      so you can easily scroll past something that doesn’t strike you as wonderful. Can’t you?

    3. 1, 2, 3, 4. That’s 4 posts I count. Seems like rage to me.

      Go on, rant some more. You might be able to sway one of us… eventually. But seriously, stop making mountains out of molehills bud. This is funny because two extremely disparate English words sound similar when pronounced by particular world accents. There is nothing more to it than that, and if you see something deeper it is more of an indication of your paranoia/issues than anything else.

      If this really is some subversive political commentary, why did its creators go for Rastas, then Palestinian leaders? That doesn’t seem like a very consistent attack plan to me.

      1. Attack Rastas
      2. Attack Arafat
      3. ??????
      4. Profit

  2. From a UK perspective at least, would the US equivalent be “Terrorist or Tourist?” or perhaps “Whore or Horror?”

  3. This joke also appeared in an episode of “Sanford and Son”, I believe with a foreigner (Arab?) mispronouncing “hairpiece” so it sounded like “herpes.”

  4. Why is it that every time someone makes fun of arabs a flame starts? Im arabic and although I have great respect for arafat (the guy in the picture), he does not represent me or the arabs in the other 26 countries. Dont we also make fun of others?

    And one more thing, americans you sound like rubber bands when you pronounce ing. Dont believe me? Record yourself saying ping a few times and listen to it.

    1. Good point. but does that make you, “glue”.

      (I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you) – a refrain taught to kids to ward off the effects of teasing.

  5. He doesn’t look like Ringo at all.

    Does anyone remember the photo of him holding up the plastic lawn chair? There was a piece somewhere, a photo essay about plastic lawn chairs, and one of the photos was him holding it up with a pained expression on his face, as if to say, “they bombed my chair!”

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