"Utopian" Detroit sign modification

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My IFTF colleague Jason Tester snapped this photo last week of utopian Detroit.


    1. Totally looks like something you’d see out of Fallout.

      Totally. The new Fallout: New Vegas contains a very small community built around the remains of a tourist-trap motel. The town’s named Novac, after the remaining letters on the motel’s No Vacancy sign.

    1. Fool! Don’t you know better than to make a recent “The Simpsons” reference here. Prepare for the wrath of “it hasn’t been funny for 10 years ” comments to rain upon you to only add to your missy ;-)

  1. Did they use a stencil for the bottom three graffiti sigs?

    And the position of the P next to I is peculiar, looking at the faded area where everything was; a strange distance between AUTO and PARTS originally.

    1. I thought the spacing looked weird, too, but if you follow the Flickr link, there’s an earlier picture of the building where you can see that the spacing between the P and the A looks right. And, if you look up the address on Mapquest (http://mapq.st/h/9-hbbSazUr), you can see the building with all the letters still intact.

  2. An “Elmhurst Hospital” sign in Queens NY became
    ” lmhur t Hospital”

    A Brooklyn “PC Richard and Son” became
    “PC hard on”

  3. In Norwalk CT “Utopia” is a head shop (“smoking accessories” wink wink) that has been around for decades.

  4. The position of the P and I looks peculiar because the “IA” is painted in the space used by the sign’s original “A”. If you look carefully, you can see the “I” is painted over the shadow/dirt of the original “A”, and the painted “A” overlaps the edge of the shadow/dirt “A” on one side and the shadow/dirt “R” on the other side.

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