Jonathan Coulton's "Shop•Vac" in kinetic type

Video link. Boing Boing fave Jonathan Coulton had his peppy song "Shop•Vac" given the kinetic type treatment by designer Jarrett Heather. The sheer amount of brand references in the typography will surely please the brand geeks and font geeks among us.


    1. 968-226-2255
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      Area code 968 does not yet exist. Oman is country code 968, but currently has 8-digit phone numbers.

    2. Late to the thread, but 968-226-2255 are the numbers corresponding to “YOU-CAN-CALL” in the text above them.

  1. Amazing – the only thing that could have made it better would be Guitar Hero like visuals (instead of sheet music) at the guitar solo, but really – amazing!

    1. Really? I’m sorry, but there’s nothing impressive about Guitar Hero visuals as opposed to actually transcribing the guitar solo including chord notation…

      The sheet music absolutely made the video for me, but then again, I’m a music dork.

      1. orbix and ck:
        I don’t really like (or hate) guitar hero (or shop vacs). It just fits better with the theme of escaping real life through consuming junk.

  2. I want to like this song, but it seems like Coulton tried to do a song in the style of They Might be Giants and well, would’ve been better had TMBG done it.

    1. @petsounds: I’m trying to think of what TMBG song this sounds like. What it really reminds me of is Elvis Costello.

    1. @XerxesQados: I know dozens of very hardcore brand geeks from my advertising days. They use terms like “brand personality” and stuff like that. I found it to be an interesting subculture with a lot of influence over “consumer behavior” (anther fave term of theirs). Here’s what they obsess over:

      Warning: once you open the door, it cannot be closed. You may die completely after viewing.

  3. It is so beautiful, I cried a little.
    Perfection sometimes has that effect on me.
    The treatment of the guitar solo is a masterstroke, coming right where it does and given all that comes before.
    Please Jarrett Heather, more please. Sondheim, Gilbert & Sullivan, Brian Dewan, Stompin’ Tom Connors, ..
    And hats off to Jonathan Coulton for including pure triolet rhymes in his lyric. That’s craftsmanship that is all too rare these days. Bravo.

  4. I like how happy the Shop-Vac looks. Kind of wondering what he’s doing with it, though. Just letting it run? Cleaning up repeatedly?

    He can’t be doing -that-. I mean, that would cause permanent damage. N-not that I would know from first hand experience of course…

  5. Just downloaded Thing A Week Three and was struck by similarities between Jonathan Coulton and Jonathan Richman.

  6. That’s really great. Even more, I really like the song, mostly because it confirms for much how much I never, ever, ever want to live in the ‘burbs.

    My wife and I plan on having babies before ever needing cars. (Ah yes, yuppie smugness.)

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