Mark Jenkins' miniature Flowersigns modded street signs

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Urban prankster/artist Mark Jenkins, whose terrific work -- from "sleeping" mannequins to tape babies dropped on the sidewalk -- we've featured on BB many times, has created miniature versions of his "Flowersigns" modified street signs (above left). The models (above right) are 3 x 3 x 6.5 inches and handmade from aluminum soldered to a steel rod in a cement base. Only 50 signed/numbered signs are available, at $75 each.

Mini-Series: Flowersigns


  1. Huh. Like all too many good ideas, I saw that sign and thought “Why didn’t I ever think of that? Why have I never seen that done before? It’s so obvious!”


  2. It would be a cool project for school kids to do in recycled cardboard and water paint (they could even make the petals around the sign in red), adding their cut-outs to existing signs. Big fan of the idea, not so much of the aluminum.

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