Post your green-worthy DIY project to MAKE and win a trip to Maker Faire!

Katie Dougherty of MAKE says:
Make-Tager Do you have an innovative project that you think is "green" or one you've been thinking about starting? That word green gets tossed around a lot. Do you think others would find your project "environmentally-friendly," a worthwhile solution to today's environmental problems? Does it promote conservation? Appropriate use of technology? Let's find out. MAKE is running a Green Project Contest, as part of GE's ecomagination. Enter your project now for a chance to win a trip for two to a Maker Faire of your choice (Bay Area, Detroit, New York) in 2011!

How it works:

1.  Post your green-worthy DIY project to the Green Project Contest website on MAKE.

2.  Encourage your readers, family and friends, and your social network to vote for your project!

3.  Posts that get lots of votes, besides be eligible for prizes, will also draw the attention of MAKE editors. We’ll start doing blog posts, and maybe even articles in the magazine, about some of the more popular projects. To help inspire you, we're putting together a series of videos on Maker Pioneers who are doing work we think is worth of the tag "green". The first video is with Saul Griffith, talking about his Onya Cycles business.