Awesome fan-poster for Green Lantern movie


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  1. snakedart says:

    Green Lantern is certainly near the top of my list of hue-powered super heroes.

  2. Shawn Wolfe says:

    Fantastic work, as usual.

    Unfortunately I think they got rid of the white gloves completely in the film. From the trailer it look like he’s not wearing any gloves at all.

  3. Lobster says:

    It is a nice poster indeed.

    I hope the blackest night doesn’t have any yellow in it.

  4. James White says:

    Thanks Shawn! You’re right, they ditched the gloves for the film and have his hands covered with that black/green of the costume. I’m sure it will look cool onscreen, but the contrast of the green ring on white gloves makes good design sense. I wanted my poster to be the classic costume. :)

  5. theawesomerobot says:

    This guy makes awesome posters. His Tron stuff was equally as good (and better than the actual posters). It seems some of the bigger studios are killing movie posters by committee these days.

  6. Random_Tangent says:

    As a gigantic Green Lantern nerd, I love this to death. Really reminiscent of Darwyn Cooke’s New Frontier cover (which is also awesome).

    I’d hang this on my wall.

  7. Anonymous says:

    While I appreciate the geeky earnestness, creativity and hard work that went into this fan poster, any poster for the up-coming Green Lantern film that does not prominently feature Ryan Reynolds is an automatic fail, in my opinion.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The trailer appears to confirm the worst of my fears: that the film’s creators went for shlock instead of mind-blowing effects.


  9. therilesyouknow says:

    SOoooooo dope, James!
    This genre was made for you.. or you were made for it? Whatever.
    You’re the master!

  10. Antinous / Moderator says:

    I just saw the trailer yesterday and it looks like a generic blockbuster made from a generic blockbuster checklist. On the other hand, Ryan Reynolds is in the unusual position of having a better body in real life than his superhero counterpart.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not to mention the studio trailer is almost completely indistinguishable from the cut-and-paste fan trailer that was featured right here on Boing Boing last year. Except the fan trailer was better.

      As far as I’m concerned, The Matrix was the first Green Lantern film. If they couldn’t do better than that they should’ve left it alone until somebody more inspired came along.

      (Should have been cast: Reeves as Hal Jordan. Will Smith as John Stewart. Denis Leary as Guy Gardner. All three seem face-slappingly obvious. And GL is a mental power so age should not be relevant.)

  11. J Chastain says:

    Look at the cover for the comic containing the character’s first appearance for an example of an attempt to sell Green Lantern to an audience who’d never seen Green Lantern before:

    It demonstrates what his general abilities are and typifies the kind of action scene you can expect to see in one of these stories.

    Superman ’78 and Batman ’89 built campaigns around their characters’ iconography, but they had been preceded by extremely popular incarnations of those characters in other media (especially television.)

  12. Daemon says:

    Let me know when they make the Guy Gardner movie. Or Hitman, Deadpool, the Thunderbolts, etc.

    they never make movies out of the few western comic series I really enjoyed.

  13. Phrosty says:

    I love James White’s work, and the Green Lantern also happens to be my favorite superhero. Unfortunately, I’m not too optimistic about the upcoming film. And by “not too optimistic”, I mean “completely dreading it.”

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