Pornoscan Santa xmas card

This funny xmas card was in my PO Box this morning, courtesy of Eric Mueller!

Rapiscan Santa and reindeer, Xmas Card from Eric Mueller and Ramona Ponce


  1. Assuming the machine is well controlled the radiation is 20 more than a chest X-ray. What’s funny about that?
    lets not get distracted.

  2. *_WANT_*

    I haven’t been able to find this searching th’Google. Is this Mr. Mueller’s design? I would love to use this image for 50 self-printed xmas cards for friends this week if he’d be amenable to a ‘licensing fee.’

    — Sean

    1. The price of flying… our ancestors fought hard for us to have liberty and we, so docile, just lay it down.

  3. Thanks so much Cory for appreciating & posting – holiday cheers!
    Reply to Comment #2 by ‘Anon’ (Sean): Indeed this is my original artwork (the ‘fat man’ is a modified version of a weighty man’s scan image currently on the InterTubes) ;-). My cards are all on the way so I’d be happy to send a copy of the image to you for re-use free of charge; all I ask is a credit to my name if there is space for it on your cards. Post your email if you wish & a JPEG will be on the way!
    Seasonal Best Wishes to Boing Boing and their readership. Eric M.

    1. Would love to use this for my Christmas cards. And I will be very happy to credit it to you! :-) Merry Christmas!

  4. Eric and Ramona,
    This is brilliant!–I howled with laughter when I opened your card.
    Every year you just out do yourselves. I am ready for Pat Down & Dee Tainment to meet me at the airport for my annual pilgrimage to Paris–Un Soir de Noel Tea from Fauchon?
    Love, LuLu

  5. I ADORE this card! I saw it on Cake Wrecks this morning. It’s the first Christmas cared I’ve ever seen that I’ve liked. I would love a a JPEG copy to create my own.

    Thank you,

  6. Not sure how I missed this the first time around but caught it on Cake Wrecks. To Mr. Mueller, would love a jpeg copy as well if you’re still in the giving mood (will give full credit and Element Group url)! nomildreddavis[AT]

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