Body fishermen in China

Lun Lun, 24, of Shangping village in Gansu Province, China, is a body fisherman. He rows his hand-made canoe down the Yellow River seeking dead bodies, and charges 3000 yuan (US$450) to deliver corpses for identification. From CNN:
Lun Lun and his fellow fishermen have dragged more than one hundred bodies out of the river this year alone as they float downstream from the bustling metropolis. Body fishermen claim the dead are typically victims of suicide or murder from the bustling western provincial capital city of Lanzhou, just 20 kilometers to the west. Authorities say other victims have drowned or died in accidents.

Meanwhile, Wei Jinpeng and Wei Yinquan publicly advertise their services by spray-painting their mobile phone numbers and the words "body fishing up ahead" on the sides of mountains and buildings along the river and roads between Lanzhou and Shangping...

"They are working a job like anyone else," said Ms. Wei of nearby Shangping village, who is not related to Wei Jinpeng. "And somebody has to do it, right? Otherwise our river might get too full with bodies."

"Trawling for the dead in cradle of Chinese civilization" (Thanks, Mark Pescovitz!)