Watch listed for $9.95 on eBay turns out to be classic 007 "Dr. No" watch, fetches $66k


A retired Navy doctor named Bob listed a Rolex watch on eBay that he bought 52 years ago on a Navy exchange on the Kwajalien Atoll. He set the minimum bid at $9.95

According to Crunchgear, the item is a watch dork's holy grail -- A "Bond" Rolex Submariner Ref 5510, "the same model Sean Connery wore in Dr. No, Goldfinger, and Thunderball." The closing bid for the watch was $66,100.

Rolex Owner Gets A Christmas Surprise: Posted His Watch On eBay For $9.95, Final Bid Was $60,000


  1. Just imagine what the good doctor would have been offered by a knowing but unscrupulous single buyer. I’d love to take that watch into a few pawn brokers and see what they offer …

  2. I kind of doubt that he thought his Rolex was only worth $10, but still a cool story. That picture with Christopher Reeve in the article is really weird.

  3. Hey! It’s not ‘Watch Dork.’

    We prefer WIS (Watch Idiot Savant). And, yeah, the Rolex fans tend to obsess over reference numbers, but the Omega guys are worse (I should know, I am one). Especially the Speedmaster freaks.

    376.0822 Anyone?

    1. Officer and a gentleman. My father was a US Naval officer back to 63, and he has a few. Not everyone in the military is on food stamps.

  4. This is why you never, ever put something on Ebay with a ‘Buy It Now’. I sold my copy of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater on ebay expecting to get maybe $30-$40 because it was still in good shape and had all the extra stuff. I didn’t even realize I had bought the special re-release of the limited edition AND happened to have pre-ordered it and gotten some special pack in DVD. In the end, this actually quite limited release was worth $120 to someone. Not to bad for a kid in high school.

  5. “This watch I got here was first purchased by your great-grandfather during the first world war. It was bought in a little general store in Knoxville, Tennessee, made by the first company to ever make wrist watches…”

  6. My favorite comment: “Who would anyone try to sell a Rolex for $10? arrghhh!!!!!”

    Who would anyone??? What who would what now what???

  7. I think in those days it was basically necessary for military people doing time-dependent things to have expensive watches, because cheap watches wouldn’t be 100% reliable – a watch stopping or running slow can mean life or death. See the film ‘Gallipoli’ for an example scenario, where WWI-era watches caused a lot of people to die needlessly.

    That’s why nowadays you see so much advertising for expensive watches called the “navy seal” model or the “fighter pilot” model or whatever – these people really use these watches because they’re so reliable and functional. Of course, nowadays a cheap watch can be more than accurate enough for most operations.

    Finally, I think peoples’ attitude toward watches has changed drastically over the years. Lots of people used to get one nice watch in their life, and pass it on to their grandson or whatever. As a result, they had a nice, timeless watch they could wear on any occasion. Nowadays, people aren’t passing on their $11 digital Casio, and they’re buying more than one watch for fashion reasons.

  8. +1 for penguinchris

    Pilots and military type people nowadays use cheap casio watches unless they want to show off. Most of the pilots I know go for something like Casio, but most of them want a Breitling because they are cool ;)

  9. Like the look but don’t have the 66K? Timex T29781, and since it’s Timex it’s an “homage” not a fake :)

  10. seandavid010,

    “376.0822 Anyone?”

    Yes please. It’s a damn shame they only made it one year.

    I have a ’67 321 in awesome shape that I’d prob trade for the ’87 822.

    1. Great watch.
      I have a ’74 Speedmaster in great shape, but it could use a service.
      The “moon watch” is my favorite design of all time so far as timepieces go.
      Cool story on the old Sub. I used to have a 70’s no date sub with plastic crystal that I stupidly sold. Worst idea I ever had trying to make a few bucks off it..

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