Wikileaks: Anonymous stops dropping DDoS bombs, starts dropping science


If this image is to be believed—and I have no reason not to, other than that I found it on the internet—the rebel squadrons behind Anonymous (attn. "news" hacks - that would be an entirely different group from Wikileaks and/or Wikipedia) are about to change their approach. So far, as we've witnessed, they have been launching point-and-click distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks at companies perceived as the enemies of Wikileaks. Those targets included Mastercard, Paypal, and Visa (companies that froze donation funding), and Amazon (which denied hosting services). The new approach suggests more sophisticated thinking. This new mission, apparently, is to actually read the cables Wikileaks has published and find the most interesting bits that haven't been publicized yet, then publicize them.

In my opinion, this action would have far more positive impact. Anonymous often repeats the Orwell quote, "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." Looks like they decided to take those words to heart.


    1. hahaha i noticed that. soooo would you be a sweetheart and fix me a sandwich while i save the world.

    2. In the eloquent words of E-Che, “tits or gtfo.”

      I am young. I have braved /b/. And no amount of V posturing is going to convince me /b/ is a force for good. Goatse-for-justice!

      But googling LOIC b haxor.

  1. Nice to see them actually crowd source that power for something that might actually be useful and productive.

  2. Wow– that was quick. Just when I was going to write off anonymous as a bunch of anarchy-lusting juveniles that were actually doing more harm than good, they go and get all civilized in the last 24 hours. Good for them.

    1. Anonymous- shaping up? Next thing we know, they’ll be holding bake sales and helping old people cross the street! Egads!

  3. Ok, I’m feeling fatigued. Instead of reading diplomatic cables, i’d MUCH rather watch a community college professor inhaling sulfur hexafluoride.

    1. Actually the cables I’ve looked at make for pretty interesting even if jargonified GovSpeak reading.

      They get easier and better to read once you’ve made the mental adjustment, or you’ve “gotten used”, to their style.

      They are fascinating documents, and not just for any secrets they may reveal.

      I’m sure Cryptome would probably agrees…

      Oh just one of very many interesting links from Cryptome:

      1. The thing I find most interesting is they reveal how much US State does not know. These cables show what other countries tell the US but they also show us a little bit of the US being played by other countries too. There is a bit about how China does not hold that much influence over DPRK and how China is getting fed up with North Korea. Might that be just what China wants the US to think?

  4. I’m skeptical. Great idea, but this involves actual work. Certainly more work than crashing a website with an automatic ping launcher.

    But prove me wrong, Anonymous, prove me wrong!

  5. I want to see them, and everyone else, start moving info from the leaks into Wikipedia. Tidbits about the Ukraine etc. being moved into their respective articles with citations back to Wikileaks or the guardian or whoever but otherwise no mention of wikileaks…just putting the information into the way of 10th graders working on social studies projects.

  6. Gentlemen indeed. Black eye? I think not. These twerps have denigrated themselves with infantile, low tech tactics. They have caused far more harm to their, “cause,” that any of the targets of their attack. Hackers.., that is a stretch of a few orders of magnitude.

  7. Or maybe just some guy. One guy. Made that link and is spamming it on 4chan trying to get some folks to join in. Maybe no one will.

    I have a pro tip for you. Anonymous is just the name given when you post anonymously. Anonymous. Anonymously… See what I did thar? There are no rebel squadrons behind anonymous. It’s just the users of a board where the users make the content. There is no anonymous. You are mistaking a meme for reality..

    Why do I insist on this point? It’s a subtle distinction, but an important one nontheless… Because an angry mob doesn’t behave like a french resistance cell. Everyone is ascribing some disturbing thought process to an otherwise thoughtless series of actions by random people who coalesce like a mob then dispurse. The distinction will become very important when some douchebag in the dept of fatherland security gets a call from some angry Joe Lieberman asking who this anonymous terrorist group Iis he keeps reading about.

    1. Well…kind of. There is a group of about 10 OPs that swing a pretty big bat on IRC with anonymous. Although of course if Anonymous wants to they can overthrow them (and have) pretty easily. And then anonymous debate targets and strategies on IRC. If indeed this message was formed out of some sort of consensus in that structure it’s probably already got a decent amount of support behind it from anon. I’m just saying there is some kind of rough structure. The comparison to Athenian democracy is pretty apt.

    2. Aside from your smarmy ‘pro-tip’ tone, and the recycled Rumsfeldian self-interviewing, I have to ask you – What are you on about? French resistance cell? Do you have any idea what the bandwidth was when that model was efficient? Jeez, that analogy dates back to an era when the military had cryptographic superiority. Mobs? those happen outside, right?

      I think you’re living squarely in the past, brother. Just grab your popcorn and lets you and me watch the show.

  8. wikileaks positives are going to get buried in the negatives of this vigilantism (and “Gentlemen…” wtf??)

  9. “Gentlemen” — we need immediate analysis of these leaks. Let Operation Anal./Leakage Commence

        1. Some of the kids are a little uncontrollable…so you oughtn’t be gratuitously insulting them, IMHO.

          But OTOH, what do I care? Go ahead, take them on.

  10. They’re playing their cards very well here. After that series of attacks,everyone is watching what they do next, and now they are both doing something peaceful, and doing something that requires peoples attention to work.

  11. This new mission, apparently, is to actually read the cables Wikileaks has published and find the most interesting bits that haven’t been publicized yet, then publicize them.

    Thank goodness! Some logic and reason here. Instead of the script kiddie goodness of the DDoS stuff. And the “You are blind sheep who like to shop! Baaa! Baa! CONSUMER ZOMBIE!” nonsense of before.

    But “Gentlemen”? Can’t deny the world another facepalm moment huh?

  12. So… why would a sunshine/transparency whistleblowing movement bother concentrating under a central organizing cult of personality?

    Wouldn’t anonymized, proxied torrent dumps result in nearly immediate unstoppable distribution of the materials?

    Just a thought. I suppose the only way governments could minimize damage to their interests from that kind of leaking would be through the obfuscation of a blizzard of misdirection.

    Regarding the labeling as “hackers” of script-kiddies using turn-key DDOS software, as a technical point is it still considered a botnet if the zombies eat hot-pockets?

  13. Same immature, self-important, racist sociopaths, new branding.

    I love how white people are always willing to give “Anonymous” a second chance when they do the occasional (ostensibly) good deed. The only thing that motivates these people is the perverse ego-inflation they get out of feeling like they’re part of “something.” They have no persistent morals or principles and every time they “help” someone it’s always through some form of vigilantism. That is: terrorizing someone else who they perceive to the be the bad guy. They’re always looking for a way to make their massively-multiplayer online bullying seem like it’s for a good cause, and I pity anybody who’s fooled by it.

    And, of course, the average American is always willing to overlook the shocking depth and breadth of racism that goes on in /b/ so that they can write some “insightful” article about how misunderstood Anonymous is. Please, miss me.

  14. Pleased to see a complete lack of huffing about how using a gendered term like “Gentlemen” is “no big deal”. People can’t seem to grasp that believing that it’s perfectly reasonable for the masculine to be default is WHYYY it’s a big deal.

    All kinds of high fives up in this.

  15. Wouldn’t anonymized, proxied torrent dumps result in nearly immediate unstoppable distribution of the materials?

    As well as unstoppable distribution of fake materials, either planted as chaff by those seeking to dilute/discredit the genuine leaks, by other parties seeking to pass their propaganda off as truth (some agencies in Pakistan did this recently), or just pranksters wanting to pull someone’s leg. If you find an anonymised dump, how do you know it’s genuine?

    (And cryptographic signatures aren’t the answer; they merely reduce it to a key-distribution problem.)

    1. That’s what I meant by the blizzard… chaff is a better analogy.

      I guess we could only trust the ones signed “Majestic 12.”

  16. I read most of the sarcastic quips from people who do nothing but sit on their elitist ass and criticize. The so called juvenile attacks raised a tremendous amount of press. We began to see how our corporate dominated world behaves when pressured.

  17. this is not the hackers viewpoint. there are two majorr branches of anonymous: 4chan and anonops. this is 4chan saying this, but anonops(the guys behind 90% of ddos attacks) currently mostly unaware this idea even exists.

  18. I like the leekspin-leakspin pun. Well played, Anon.

    (in after “no girls on the Internet” :trollface:)

  19. Does anyone know if in WLeaks there is at least one thing that trully exposes (some of the myriads of) crimes of the govs? Or is it just “scandal press”?

    1. 1. Take a look for yourself. Just google “Cablegate”

      2. Yes. There’s direct evidence in yesterday’s leaks of a lot of governments being totally in the pockets of Western MNCs. Nigeria, Mozambique, etc.

      1. Thanks for re:. I did look and still i feel that the whole “leak” only helps to confirm the scares about iran, “terrorists”, etc, while NO GOV PERSONALITY is directly being charged as result of the leaks.

        I mean, all the massive leaks cannot ammount to even on hundreth part of the magnitude of what Sibel Edmonds had to say–she clearly names the criminals within the gov too.

        Still, i keep open look in case there is more to come…

    2. Yes, plenty of evidence of real crimes. But just one I was looking into yesterday: Proof that Sec. of State Rice was actively coercing the German government into dropping charges against CIA agents who knowingly kidnapped and tortured an innocent German citizen.

      1. Anon,

        Not to badger the point but, what Rice did (and the slimey behaviour described in most of these cables) isn’t exactly “illegal”, it’s just slimey and unethical.

        The core problem with International Relations is that– short of genocide– there really is very little to what people call “international law”. There are treaties, and agreements, and protocols, but if you read carefully, those are all ‘deals’ and glorified barter agreements. The Nuremberg trials were the first attempt at creating actual ‘international law’, but even today, we have a hard time convicting Real Bad Guys of genocide.

        The State Dept. has a job of constantly trying to forward the interests of the United States. There’s no rules– legal or illegal– on how to do that. There are anti-bribery laws within the US Code, and there are Presidential Orders to not assassinate foreign leaders, but that’s about it: international relations is a pretty loose game based on custom, reciprocity, sticks, and carrots. That’s what makes exposing all that diplomatic behaviour so corrosive: it’s ugly and slimy work. Exposing it may fundamentally change the way they operate (Assange hopes), or it may just make them beef up security and become more closed and inefficient (Assange also hopes).

        Ugly? Yes. Illegal? Kinda, but not really.

        1. Actually, kidnapping is illegal according to US and German law. According to treaties to which the US is a party and which thus have the force of law, torturing people is also illegal.

          Laws that the government chooses to ignore are still laws. Breaking them is still illegal, even if no one dares to prosecute them.

    1. “if you don’t know the reference”

      That’s kind of the point, this wasn’t made for the public, it was made for people who know that reference inside and out.

  20. The amount of old-manning around on BB right now I find incredibly frustrating. Sure, anon is juvenile, and probably delinquent, but at least they’re challenging the status-quo. And that’s a good thing. Right?

    College wasn’t that long ago, was it?

    1. I told you that juvenile delinquent is a contradiction in terms. Delinquent means failing in duty. But duty is an adult virtue – indeed a juvenile becomes an adult when, and only when, he acquires a knowledge of duty and embraces it as dearer than the self-love he was born with. There never was, there cannot be, a juvenile delinquent.

      Colonel DuBois

  21. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like they’re in the last ten pages of a Neal Stephenson novel? The bit where all the various plot lines start bashing into each other with real force?

  22. I love all this pre-backlash all the cool kids have going on. Like, “that band totally is never going to be popular, man.” Stop raping the strawman, ladies and GENTLEMEN, so many of you are lambasting Anon for what they didn’t do. “Oh man, this was going to be so lame!” lawl

  23. I think you will find the “gentlemen” comment is a reference to Zero Wing and “all your base are belong to us”.

  24. *sits down & eats popcorn* Anyone want any popcorn? Has the movie started yet? I think this is just the trailers…. So do we think this will end up being a happy movie or a really fucking depressing movie? I’m betting on long & depressing but I’m gonna keep watching. I’m rooting for happy though.

  25. I am disappointed that no one has pointed out that Operation Leakspin quite intentionally already has a ready-made animated gif logo. It’s a play on the meme “meatspin” which I leave for the curious reader to google.

  26. This strategy seems to me to be much more effective.

    Attacks on websites will not harm them, and it will be exploited by the press to attack Assange and wikileaks.

  27. This approach, of course, assumes there’s anything left in there worth publicizing. If the stuff that’s we’ve read about so far is anything to go by, most people will be making videos of Sherlock not having any shit in his immediate vicinity.

  28. Folks, a number of journalists and other interested parties are curating all the interesting Wikileaks posts and papers using Pearltrees the world’s first collaborative curation platform. I am a member of this team. If you wish to join up and add the leaks you’ve exposed to this tree, you can go here:

    Please note, this is not spam – these are serious people including writers for Huffington Post and other major outlets that are committed to helping get this news exposed as broadly as possible. Further it is possible to embed this curation of Wikileaks news into any other site or blog thus exposing hundred (and possibly thousands) of pages, news reports and event tweets to as many people as possible. If you have questions you can comment directly within this Pearltree.

    1. I know you mean well (least I hope you do) but from where I stand trusting media to do a job that it should have been doing all along is problematic. Sure this thing you present looks slick and is a great idea. But that also doesn’t actually mean once all of the “interesting” leaks (and interesting to who I might add) are curated that anything will be done with them. It feels as if I am being invited to waste my time doing work that journalists once did as a distraction from doing anything meaningful (to me) with the information. (ie making web videos and getting real people to actually see/hear the information that I think is interesting.)

      That brings me to another point. @Fuchsteufel “…’misleading tags’ to fool people…” I know what I am about to say risks the ire of some of my fellow boingers but… a LOT of the masses are asses. Meaning that there are gum-chewing-youtube-chair-potatoes that don’t give a shit about anything but the latest Beiber BS or Gaga gaff. Point is those that do care about what is happening on the WL issue already care and are interested enough to seek out this material. It’s all the other slack-jawed yokels out there that also should see this or at least be exposed to it for about 20 seconds before they realize that it is not a video of JB slobbing LGG’s theoretical knob. I for one do not weep for those suckered in with the bait of stinky celebrity scandal when the real scandal is happening behind the closed doors of diplomats the world round.

  29. I can’t tell if the upset about the ironic use of ‘Gentlemen’ is itself ironic.

    This is 4chan/anonymous. They do 3 things.

    1) Use archaic victorian english in the style of ‘V’

    2) Everyone calls everyone and everything by the most offensive terms possible as a term of endearment (thus reducing the power of the word as an offensive term).

    3) Except cats. Never insult a cat.

    It was always going to be “gentlemen”, “anonfags” or “tacgnol commands!”.

  30. Wikileaked

    is keeping track of cable releases.

    In general the quality of responses to this topic gets about a 3/10. Someone said they accomplished nothing? Just for one: PayPal released the monies they had. Secondly, as someone else noted, they scooped a lot of news.

    Noone mentioned that they were responding in kind to the DDoS attacks on Wikileaks that lasted days, and which nooone credibly stepped forward to claim. And, in the process, created an entirely new form of protest. Crude, yes, but most startups are very much that.

  31. Interestingly seems to be down right now, maybe the Man is LOICing them back? More info, anyone?

  32. Oh it was noted that this was either a counter-attack arising from a response to Gov-backed DDOS against Wikileaks, or a ploy by the GOv’s people, from the outset to distract from the meat of the cables themselves, and to smear Wikileaks by association with these DDOS attacks.

    What’s that spanking new US Army “Cyber-command” been up to all this while, I wonder?

  33. A step forward from cyber vandalism. But…

    “”In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” Looks like they decided to take those words to heart.””

    Yeah; except for the part about “misleading tags” to fool people into reading things they otherwise wouldn’t. Shows these people still to be of the “end justifies the means” mindset. If you’re on the right side, you don’t have to lie to make your point.

    1. A feeling of moral superiority because of a small lie is a stupid thing. (Anne Frank’s in your kitchen. SS stormtroopers knock on your door, say “Listen man, just give us a straight yes or no answer: Is Anne Frank in here?” What do you do, Mrs./Mr. Moral Superiority?)

      If the Truth (big truth, exposing war crimes and the like) is only found by people seeking it out against opposition, then it will only remain a small and piteous thing. But if everyone knows the truth, if everyone’s made to see it, then the only ‘ignorant’ people are ‘ignorant’ intentionally; which means they’re not ignorant. They’re in denial or they are liars.

      I’ll live in a world of truth ambushes, over a world of powerless truths, any day.

      1. You’re right about 2 things:

        The truth is not owed to transgressors, particularly those who have no right to know the information they’re seeking; e.g. Nazis looking for refugees. The truth is a tool and a value among honest and free people. Which is why it’s disappointing to see people “on my side” trying to lie to me.

        And yes, the bigger truth is more important than smaller ones. But where’s the conflict between these? Why the necessity to lie about anything? In this case, there’s little danger that the public in general is going to ignore Wikileaks-related content, particularly if it’s honestly identified as exposing wrongdoing.

        1. I’d say you are very optimistic to hope that THIS specific leak from Wikileaks is going to hold the public’s attention all on it’s own, when all the other leaks regarding the US have been quickly pushed to the back burner by the media once they have played out on the ratings end of things.

          The issue here seems to be that you think the media honestly wants the public to know about these things. I think the media wants to do what is in it’s own interests – which requires a decision between how much of a story they would get from truly supporting Wikileaks (as opposed to cherry picking stories that support their own spin ala now) and how many stories they would miss by pissing off the government and losing privileged access. So long as this mindset seems to control the main stream media…I’m fine with the story being spread through the net in any way possible, even if you aren’t looking for it.

  34. Ooooh, I got pre-slapped by Ugly Canuck.

    Right you are, sir and/or madam. A good dose of perspective is a lovely thing. I shall try to only focus on the leaked material from here-on-out. *hattip*

  35. Reading the cables is actually a good idea.
    Because that is actually what they were released for in the first place.

    Understanding the messages, putting them into context and weighing the importance would be the next step, but that would need a person who is familiar with the events in the countries referred to in the cables. Not every message in there is obviously a bomb waiting to explode.

    I might be wrong, but this isn’t about the cables or even the truth (whatever that might be) at all.

    This is just about 15 minutes of power.
    Feels good, doesn’t it?

  36. Can we just stop it with the Anonymous as an organized group talk? 4chan isn’t an organization, a terrorist operation, or a homogeneous group, it’s a series of topic based message boards where people can discuss their interests without the need of a login or screen name. Nothing more.

  37. -sniff- it’s so precious, and yet also so sad, when the kiddies finally grow up!

    Make us proud, Anonymous, make us proud… we’ll help a little bit, but not enough to make this anyone’s fight but yours.

  38. It seems to me a bit silly to go and get offended by the use of the word “gentleman”. Sure, they could have gone with “gentle people” but we all saw what happened to those guys in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.

    The battle for equality has always been about reclaiming what should rightfully be ours and the tactics of language are part of that show. And running away from a good idea just because we *assume* it’s not tagged for our gender is a bit like skipping a feminist rally just because they didn’t print the flyers on pink paper. And while we can spend the day bickering about whether there’s a misogynist or a victorian behind that meme, in the end I’d rather be a gentleman than a bystander. So hear me roar, watch me leakspin!

    1. WHy not start with “Dear Hearts and Gentle People!”, as per the old standard:

      Perhaps a bit too old-fashioned, eh?

      1. Nah, not too old-fashioned and indeed the love for your fellow men (and women as not to put anyone off…) who live in your hometown is indeed a good foundation to base to fight for a better world on isn’t it? :)

  39. ROFL – The LOIC – Low Orbit ION Canon was last published in 2009-10-09 – for the following platforms. 64-bit MS Windows, All 32-bit MS Windows (95/98/NT/2000/XP) “Immah Chargin Meh Lazer!” – That’s just so elite, we all know cool hackers like Coldblood just have to use Windows XP because they’re so k-rad elite like that. If you out there reading this Kids, then take note that what you’ve done is simply make a lot of powerful organizations very annoyed to the point where they are going to track you down with TIGER teams and make you into a very public spectacle pretty much the same way there doing to Julian Assange!

  40. >”Gentlemen” is a term neither randomly chosen nor sexist in the context of Anon…

    Quoted for truth. It’s an in-joke. It seems out of context because, as you can see, it is addressed to members of anonymous/4chan. But, because they don’t communicate in secret or by email, the rest of the world is privy to this kind of communication. Read the press release if you want a press release. This is just going through someone else’s mail.

  41. Dang!!!! Did anyone teach them TAO?? How come they know the way to win this game is creating win-win situation for the rest of the people? Am i watching some kinds of human evolution?

  42. A prime example of the urgency of information security needs in corporate and government organizations.

    It’s not necessarily that these organiations were hacked, news coverage seems to be pointing to insiders leaking the documents to WikiLeaks. Wikileaks posted the classified information, there’s no evidence that it hacked to get the info.

    Information assurance training can be taken online and prep individuals for high security positions.

  43. I think an important part of mis-tagging YouTube videos, which nobody is mentioning here, is that it will help the content remain on the site because it won’t be found easily by searching. It seems to be as much a way of hiding it in plain sight as anything.

  44. Here is what should actually happen :

    Organize all the cables into a relational database, and build a web facing tool for viewing, searching, etc.

    Instead of having some people dig through one at a time, make it easily accessible and searchable.

    Hell, this is how Wikileaks should have released them in the first place.

    And DBA geniuses out there?

  45. Fake randomness is fail. In order for a large number of unorganized people to adequately cover all points, there should be a website created that selects portions completely randomly. Not only would that cover every single cable (for example), but also make it easier for otherwise apathetic users to participate.

  46. “take note that what you’ve done is simply make a lot of powerful organizations very annoyed to the point where they are going to track you down with TIGER teams and make you…”

    o shi… that’s real scary stuff right there.

    pls don’t send your TIGER TEAMS, my dad would be so disappoint :(

  47. Is there an IRC channel yet?

    Personally I think the leaks should be distributed as widely and as randomly as possible. Dump them all over every website. Post the text on forums, or on your website, or wherever. Add the old ‘friend-of-a-friend’ story. Spread the leaks so widely that the original uploader or poster can never be found – because maybe they were copying one of the million other copies hovering around. Videos are all good and well, but text is fine also.
    And print it out, too. Leave printed copies on park benches, or in books in a shop. Put it in your school textbooks for the next person to pick up. Leave them on the next plane you fly on. Many will be thrown away, but some will be read.
    In short, make sure that every person in the world has a bit of Wikileaks. They can arrest Julian Assange – but they can’t arrest the world.

    1. I’ve been trying for years to figure out how to burn off the excess gas in comments to produce energy.

  48. Crowdsourcing of this is a good idea. This thread has drifted alot from the basic premise of supporting that crowdsourcing. (go to

    Please all, wake up. Recognize these 3 basic facts about your world
    1) Debt is the tool of the masters and we are all slaves
    2) Deceit is the coin of the realm in our 4th estate
    3) Puppets abound, which is why trolls are abundant too

    When Net Neutrality is taken away, what will you have left?

    Do not get comfortable with today’s reality. It is shifting much faster than you think. It is tipping into the hands of the dedicated rich and powerful that have used each and every shock tactic effectively to demoralize and drive the masses wherever they would have them go.

    Create alternatives. Or be herded along with all the sheep.

    Has anyone followed through and used Reddit: I found this reply to noob there which gives basic instructions on what to do now.
    But i’ll go into a bit more detail here for OP
    The wikileaks front page is here They are releasing the cables here
    There are many (many) mirrors for wikileaks. A list of these mirrors can be found here
    In your country the DNS entry (the web address that looks like words, like: might be blocked! So you’ll need to use the IP instead (that’s the web address that is numbers separated by dots like this:
    From any wikileaks address on that list of mirrors (they should all be the same as each other, hosting the same data) you can browse the leaked cables. You can do this by browsing the date the cables revealed, or alphabetically or even searching for a particular phrase in the cables.
    Once you find a cable you like… or dislike but feel the world should know about/discuss, it will have a “reference number”. Simply create a new post on reddit with the reference number and a brief summary of the cable in the title. Go into further detail in the post if you feel it is necessary.
    Sit back and watch the world turn.

  49. PROTIP: Anonymous is not a group. It is simply a label under which any organized chan activity takes place. At any given time, individuals and subgroups acting under the Anonymous label have an extremely broad and often contradictory set of interests and objectives.

    The general idea of “Anonymous” reading through the leaks and disseminating their contents is also really stupid. There are many things the chans do well; detailed geopolitical analysis is not one of them. LOICing Mastercard may not be strategically valuable, but it got them attention. Grabbing some innocuous cable, taking it completely out of context, then plastering some nonsense about Ron Paul or the Jews doing 9/11 will get them nothing.

  50. Its getting crazy, I have seen lots of sites go down to these ddos attacks, some of them arnt even getting ddosed, but instead they are down because someone else that their webhost is hosting is getting a ddos. I have some info and services that can help protect against ddos attacks and help mitigate them I have it outlined in my FAQ located here:

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