Autotuned Bernie Sanders Epic #FiliBernie Remix

[Video Link] or [download "Stay Today (Filibernie Mix)" audio here]
(thanks, Calpernia)


    1. That’s what I was thinking. The background music with his real speaking voice (was it synthesized?) would have been more effective.

  1. Why aren’t more american progressives like Sanders? I’m amazed how you have a political system where the (very moderately) left with a smile take a beating from the right year after year after year… Get in the fight and the base will ignite.

    1. I don’t know about you, but he had most of our attentions before that. It’s part of what makes the song so appreciable.

  2. WTF is with the spam in the comments lately? This is Boing Boing! There oughta be enough l3Et skills associated with this blog to be able to stop that. When is enough, enough?

  3. It makes me feel hopeful. Not only because of the clouds and the uplifting tune, but that their is a Congressmen who actually cares about the middle class. I am so tired of politicians who say that they are going to help lessen the gap, but do nothing about it. Nothing! Then give the rich tax breaks.

  4. Clearly the socialists wing of the Democratic party needs to take over. Capitalism is destroying America.

  5. Full disclosure: I actually used Melodyne, rather than Autotune, to make this. But like “cellophane” and “band-aid”, Autotune has become a brand name used to represent the class of product.

    Not that anyone is going to beg their Bat Mitzvah DJ to play this or anything, but I’ll change the mp3 download linked above to one with more clear vocals. I did this whole shebang, song and video, in about an hour.

  6. Oh, and it *is* his actual voice, I just flattened it out to sound more sing-ish. I added CC’s to the vid, because I’m OCD like that.

  7. The problem with Capitalism nowadays is that eventualy they run out of other people’s money (take a look at Ireland).

    Sanders stand was heroic and the US needs a lot more like him.

    Bernie Sanders for president!

  8. Just as any number of political ideologies have either degenerated or been perverted into something awful, so has American capitalism.

    The richest of the rich expect to majority to work their work and fight their fights.

    This is an obviously unsustainable situation. When I would hear Bush 43 talk about the interests of the U.S., I would think about “who is the U.S.” from his POV. And I would think of the richest of the rich owning the majority of things, and how that is really what matters to a politician – they make the campaign donations, they can always fund an opponent that will agree with them.

  9. @kpkpkp: Seems like Obama’s idea of “who is the U.S.” isn’t much different than Bush’s (Or Clinton’s) if you believe that drivel.

    In all honesty, Sanders is a crackpot. Socialism and wealth redistribution aren’t the answer to America’s slow economy. If anything, we need to start seriously thinking about drastically shrinking government – not growing it. It’s ironic that many European countries have already realized this and are starting to act on it.

    1. You may not agree with Senator Sanders, but I don’t think it’s productive to call him a “crackpot.” At the very least, I think we can all give him credit for actually standing for something.

      I also tend to think that all the talk about shrinking government has been overblown. Yes, some European nations are pulling back, but when all is said and done, I’m fairly sure their spending relative to GDP is still going to be higher than ours…and before the recent financial panic, a number of their economies were booming.

    2. I’m not so sure that Sanders IS a crackpot.

      Wealth redistribution has been going on in the US since Reagan was elected… It’s just been in one direction. The richest have been getting richer, and the only way that could happen is if wealth is being redistributed in one direction.

      The Golden years of the American economy (for the majority of Americans) had high tax rates for the very wealthy. This encourages successful business owners to only take a reasonable salary (a few hundred thousand rather than several million) and reinvest most of their profits in their business. Employing more people, and growing the economy… Now they might as well take everything that they can out of their business… While that might be better for them it’s not as good for the country as a whole.

      It’s also cheaper for them to outsource manufacturing (and a lot more these days) outside the country. That is also not good for the US economy.

      Shrinking government as a whole is not the solution as most people who talk about shrinking the government are talking about various agencies like Social Security, the IRS, the EPA, the FDA, the FCC, the CDC…

      Given that the Military budget is about 1/3 of the federal budget, that would be the place that you could REALLY cut government. Would you be willing to see that happen? (The Federal budget for 2010 was around $3.6 trillion dollars, military spending was between $1.1 trillion and $1.5 trillion)

      So, slash the military, raise the upper tax rate to 80% after the first million, and encourage companies to manufacture items in the US by having reasonable import tariffs.

      Of course you can condemn all of this by calling it “socialism” but then I hope that you don’t use any of the “socialist” services currently provided by the government.

      The post office, fire department, police department, roads, schools, libraries, social security, disability, medicare, and so on…


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