Elaborate cardboard Gundam cosplayer

A young cosplayer at the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention 2010 sported this astonishing stilt-walking cardboard Gundam suit; alas, it wasn't the easiest thing to walk in.

Awesome Cardboard Gundam Cosplayer has Epic Fall at STGCC 2010


  1. I was like “Ow, right on the knees,” then I realized he just landed on his own feet, which were at the costume’s knees. Nice recovery!

    1. Agreed. I assume they wanted to keep the head in the right proportions or something, but they should have just made it a little too big and have it sit on his head right.

      Also, bolt that cod-piece down, there are children present!

  2. What an incredible costume!

    But doesn’t it look like it’s just stumbling in late to a giant robots’ AA meeting?

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