Homemade felted magnetic Katamari Damacy set

I Felt Awesome author Moxie has created a genius magnetic Katamari Damacy handmade felted playset -- roll the ball around and it picks up the adorable foodlings and such!

Felt Magnetic Katamari Playset


  1. OOOOOOH! that made my day right there. i think everyone in the office is wondering why the weird guy is laughing really loud right about now.

  2. Thanks, now that song is going to be in my head for the next month. I actually got a hand me down ps2 just for this game. Time to fire it up again, I guess.

    Any other katamari superfans out there might like to know that Panic (makers of fine Mac software like Transmit and Coda) also for some reason make a few awesome Katamari t-shirts. http://panic.com/goods/#katamari

  3. This is fantastic!!! My husband was just asking me what I want for X-mas (he’s a bit late with the shopping, this year, but we aren’t big into the X-mas), and I was having trouble thinking of much.

    Now, instead of waiting up for santa claus, I’m going to write a note to the king of all cosmos, asking him to entrust me with a katamari, because I’m all about some rolling.

  4. Music was the best part.

    IronEdithKidd, keep an eye on BensBargains.net. They occasionally have a set that would be perfect for this. A couple hundred tiny magnetic balls for something like $30.

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