Old Gold cigs will make your eyes turn insane with delight

From the March 17, 1941 Time, an ill-advised Old Gold cigarettes ad that apparently promises a kind of wide-eyed rapture in exchange for the concomitant health risks.

That something must really be something


  1. Looks like the lady was originally drawn with her eyes closed. I’m guessing somebody else “fixed” the artwork and did a horrible job of it.

  2. her eyes … really serious thyroid condition … hope he has health insurance … oh! forgot it was 1941.

    1. Atropine makes your pupils dilate. If it did this, the plant would have been called Atropa pazzadonna instead.

  3. When I was a kid there used to be a magic trick/illusion you could do with Old Gold packs, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. Maybe another BB reader from my generation can help?

    I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the dancing cigarette pack ads:


    Then there’s this from SCTV:

    (though IIRC it was Camel that was most preferred by doctors…)

  4. I heard this tagline in a WWII era Daffy Duck cartoon… now I finally get the reference! IIRC he’s making a crazy wide-eyed face when he says it, after being kissed by a female spy.

  5. Definitely Old Gods Cigarettes. She’s got little shoggothims growing out of her scalp. Note how they’re all directed towards the poor, innocent soldier with his eyes closed. Poor bastard won’t know what hit (ate ?) him.

  6. There was always something weirdly inexplicable about Old Gold cigarettes, like the cigarette packs that were supported with nylon-ed female legs that danced about in the 1950’s tv ads. They were really harsh tasting, I never knew anybody that smoked them.

  7. While it’s been referenced in Warner Brothers cartoons, I’m pretty sure the “Something new has been added” line was a catchphrase for comedian/singer/songwriter Jerry Colonna, who DID have bug-eyes. Perhaps the wide-eyed look of the woman in the ad was a reference to Colonna.

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