Zombie survival roguelike

roguesurvivor.jpg Rogue Survivor combines two things I know many of you love: roguelike computer games and the minutiae of surviving the zombie armageddon. Indiegames has a good feature series up on its development.
As an image begins to come into focus before me, I realise that I've just woken up from a slumber that I don't remember taking. I'm slumped on a hard iron bench in what I quickly identify as the city train station. How in the hell did I end up here? My head is banging, but I manage to piece together some basic details. My name is Ulrich Jones, and I'm a carpenter originally from Brooklyn. I moved to Pittsburgh a few years back to be with my childhood sweetheart Laura. We probably would have had a long and happy life, if that 'miracle drug' hadn't buggered everything up. As I stare around the room, I realise that I'm not alone.
Alas, only available for Windows at the moment, but it's still in alpha. Download it from the official site. Ulrich Jones: Rogue Survivor (Part 1) [IndieGames]


    1. I’m pretty sure anyone remotely interested in playing a new roguelike like this has played Nethack and Angband to death already.

  1. I hate to disagree with you folks, but I don’t play nethack because of the ascii madness. Same reason I didn’t play Dwarf Fortress initially, either.

    This game actually got me interested in roguelikes again!

  2. Holy crap.

    I had no idea what y’all meant by the term “roguelike” so I checked the ol’ Wikipedia. The illustration showed a screen from some unnamed example that looked for all the world like something I played on my brother’s Kaypro II back in Reagan’s first term. I hadn’t seen it since.

    You guys threw me back into junior high for a few minutes there…

  3. Meh. My opinion is that nethack-like games are insanely difficult for casual players. In Angband, it is quite easy to get killed by a room of jellies on even the earliest levels.

  4. Rob,

    You owe me one new pair of underwear and a keyboard.

    // M.C

    I will now have to test this in Wine. Shall I send further bills to you or BoingBoing?

  5. It’s written in .net. Of course it doesn’t friggin’ work in wine… And it’ll probably never get a non-windows release because of it as well. Darmn it…

    // M.C

  6. Tested it a few months ago, it’s nice. The randomly-moving other humans act a little too weirdly, that was my main quibble. I’ll check if he fixed that in the latest release…

  7. Has anyone made a zombie survival game where you’re a lone mindless zombie facing off against a horde of epicly armed, intelligent, fast humans?

    1. @Daemon: You can start as a zombie in this game. =) You can also come back to life as your -own- zombie if you succumb to the gnashing teeth of the undead.

      @Harrkev: I found the game hard at first, but I grokked the pattern within a few games, and have been steadily getting better. (I’ve played about 10 games) Hardcore roguelikes aren’t my thing, but this hit a sweet spot I didn’t know was there.

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