Every zombie kill on The Walking Dead in 70 seconds

What I learned from watching this: they didn't kill enough zombies.

UPDATE: Coop kindly Benny Hillified it.


  1. This show had the most promising beginning and the most disappointing ending of any series I can think of.

    1. i liked it but it could have done with being longer. for once i know how americans feel when they watch our (uk) shows; only six episodes?

    2. I couldn’t agree more, scifijazznik. Great cinematic opening episode (written and directed by series producer Frank Darabont), but then he farmed out the remaining episodes to second-rate TV writers and directors. I heard that many of those writers have been fired, so here’s hoping that season 2 will be an improvement.

      Oh, and Darabont co-wrote the season finale episode, and it was a clunker, as well. So there’s no guarantee that he can repeat the quality of episode one.

  2. I’ve been waiting for it to hit DVD, but I wouldn’t even have to reload twice to kill that many zombies. These characters don’t deserve to survive.

  3. I’m disappointed that none of the shooters ever assume a stable firing stance. How are they getting off all those headshots when they keep bouncing around like that?

    1. Absolutely Hamster King, the ending was a particularly smelly piece of bullshit when the survivors where fleeing the imminent explosion of the CDC.

  4. My wife is pretty upset that there aren’t any women killing zombies (with that one exception). Even without many guns at camp, you’d at least think that people would be hauling around objects to bludgeon with.

  5. Just terrible. The show is so skewed to living viewers that you get zombies with no depth, no soul. I mean, have you ever seen an eloquent zombie before?

    for instance-

  6. A show about zombies, what could go wrong?! Well it had some potential at the beginning but it just ended up being fairly lackluster with an obnoxious group dynamic.

  7. I know it’s “just entertainment”, but watching all that graphic shooting people in the head just can’t be good for you. And because they’re evil zombies, the killing of children, and others that might ‘normally’ be out of bounds, is depicted, with giant bullets entering their faces and exploding out of the back.
    Does this appeal to people who feel powerless in their lives? Maybe without their realizing it? To derive pleasure and excitement from this spectacle seems wrong to me.
    And, no, I don’t have to watch it, and yes, you can watch it all you want.

  8. You know how every movie that comes out, some know-it-all says ‘The book was better.’?

    Well. . .here we go again.

      1. Then (if you like zombies: World War Z etc) do get your hands on the graphic novels. I learned about the series from BB and bought the big ol’ omnibus and the collected issues since. A significant investment in graphic art. . .but so good. The focus IS on the people and how they cope (or catastrophically non-cope) in a world of the walking dead. . .

        To be fair I only saw the last two episodes of the TV series: I like that the plot diverts somewhat from the original, keeps it interesting and fresh. The relationship between Our Hero the Sheriff and his Best Pal/Devious Enemy with Conflicted Wife in the Middle is the best thing going…but character-wise I feel they are keeping some chaff while disposing of real wheat -so to speak-

        I think with new writing and a knowledge that people are interested, this show can be tweaked and improved.

        Yet WTF with the final explosion?!? Really? I hate to be a FX snob, but that shit looked like the Enterprise crashing onto the Genesis Planet. . .

  9. All stories are about people. This is a story about people set in zombie times. It’s not a story about zombies. And it’s not a story about killing as many zombies as the writers can find an excuse for.

    Anyway, that’s what I love about the comic. I’m glad it’s coming through on the TV adaptation as well.

  10. “All stories are about people. This is a story about people set in zombie times. It’s not a story about zombies. And it’s not a story about killing as many zombies as the writers can find an excuse for.

    Anyway, that’s what I love about the comic. I’m glad it’s coming through on the TV adaptation as well.”

    He gets it. Sorry there weren’t more explosions and zombie killings! I read the comments and I can picture so many open mouths inhaling and exhaling air. XD

  11. What a disappointment. (Warning: I’m sticking some spoilers in my rant)

    I adore AMC’s other shows. I think Mad Men and Breaking Bad are perhaps the best things that have ever been on the tube. I even thought Rubicon (too slow for most) was a pleasure.

    The Walking Dead in print form is sweet delight. Zombies ring my bell.

    I dug the first episode but the rest of this series was, frankly, trash, full of typically rotten boilerplate dialogue, unbelievably shallow characterization, and just totally dumbed down for broadcast.

    Mexican gangsters who talk about their “little cousins?” We all learned not to judge too swiftly from that episode; thank you Television. We also learned that there was a safe hospital in Atlanta where the main characters could live, though they somehow forgot this fact while fleeing camp.

    And thank goodness they added a trip to the CDC so a science fellow with a talking computer could explain “the story so far.” The show needed more flat declamatory exposition.

    Pathetically, I’ll probably watch the second season for moments like the ones in the montage above, and because of the faith I have in the source material.

  12. It’s a bad sign when all the stare-at-the-camera moments in a showlike this would last longer than the zombie-killing moments.

  13. I don’t know what you people are talking about. Walking Dead is awesome. Horror should be fucking horrifying. Condensing the series down to 70 seconds of mindless gore is completely missing the point. If your average horror movie was half this good I’d watch more horror movies.

  14. bargle: hold on until they get around to adapting issue 15 (ish) from the comic; that’s where Michonne enter’s and you will get women killing zombies a-plenty. (Season one of the tv series covers only issue 1-7 and a lame add-on underground bunker finale).

    ultranoia, scifijazznik: I hear you, but, in defense of the comix, the tv shown season ending was completely grafted onto the storyline. Likely because they didn’t get funding to do a longer first season AND were ordered to come up with some big cliff hanger resolution end of season thingy. Hopefully they collected enough audience and buzz to be allowed a longer second season. Know that the comix is much, much, much darker than the tv series so far. I’m really worried that they won’t dare go there and will instead soften things up.

    Anon: “a story about people set in zombie time. It’s not a story about zombies.” Spot on!

  15. What? No fool complaining that the Zombies move to slow? Don’t worry, he’ll be around in a minute!


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