Backyard M*A*S*H set replica

I know nothing about this, beyond the obvious: someone has built an elaborate, near-perfect (?) replica of the camp sets from M*A*S*H in what appears to be a back-yard. Anyone got the details? Because this person is clearly someone after my own heart!

Update: Thanks to the hawkeyed sleuthing of significantpickle, we have this -- what appears to be the person who made this wonderment.

M*A*S*H `


    1. I know it’s not much more. But a few alternative pics and looks like it’s from over 2 years ago.

  1. Pretty cool I guess, though I’m not sure I’d spend my own time and money doing something like this :)

    You can visit the location of the actual set; I believe it’s in the mountains north of Malibu (the internet knows exactly where) within a park or national forest. It’s apparently a bit of a hike from the access roads, but there are some rusted-out remnants from the show, maybe a jeep? I don’t remember exactly, I’ll have to look it up.

  2. The Guys on Mad Men all served in the Korean War.
    This is the second MASH reference I have heard in 6 days.
    The Kim family is doing their thing…

    The Cultural Zeitgeist has spoken:

    MASH remake in fall of 2012.

    let the casting rumors commence:
    Justin Beiber as Radar

  3. there’s far too much grass here to be M*A*S*H.

    PS – the actual M*A*S*H set was on the Fox backlot, not a national park.

  4. Anon: The actual set was on the Fox Ranch which has since been sold and is now known as Malibu State Park. There’s a jeep, the signpost, and some roped off areas showing where the tents were.

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