Cuba launches Wikipedia clone "EcuRed," but needs a little help


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The fact that “red” is Spanish for “network” and also the English name for the color of communism suddenly becomes incredibly ironic.

  2. js7a says:

    I would hate to be checkusered in Cuba.

  3. girl mark says:

    The article on Bush minces no words (nor wastes any time getting to the point of what the authors think of him). Wow.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t trust it given that the name is one letter short of “secured”.

  5. Maggie Koerth-Baker says:

    I look forward to amusing side-by-side comparisons of entries from EcuRed vs. entries from Conservapedia.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Of course, the article on the US is full of teh win:

    “It has been historically characterized by strip by force to other nations and countries of territories and natural resources to make them serve their companies and monopolies. Consumes 25% of the energy produced in the planet, despite their wealth over a third of its population has no guaranteed medical care.”

    “The national image that the United States see themselves as protectors and defenders of the law, freedom and democracy, is based on the belief that they possess moral superiority (because they are the “chosen people”). This assumption has allowed them to justify their interference in the internal affairs of other people (who are not “chosen of God”) or outright violence against them.”


  7. Lobster says:

    Yes, I’m sure when you have a state-sponsored repository of definitive knowledge from an accused oppressive regime, its purpose is purely enlightenment without the slightest appearance of a conflict of interest.

  8. Forwardista says:

    EcuRed está optimizada para una mejor visualización en el navegador Mozilla Firefox, lo puedes descargar haciendo clic aquí.

    Communists love Firefox, I knew it!

  9. Anonymous says:

    You mean they wont be printing the cable mentioning how ineffective and unpopular the U.S. backed dissidents are?

  10. DoubleTee says:

    “Call the number on the screen. Sexy aging dictators are waiting to talk to you!”

  11. Jonathan Badger says:

    “from a decolonizer point of view”. So, this encyclopedia will be from the viewpoint of Fidel’s doctors, who are treating him for diverticulitis?

  12. Mark Dow says:

    He could use a red iPhone:

    Interesting that the iPhone entry is longer than that for G. W. Bush:

    The Wikipedia length ratio is about the inverse of EcuRed’s.

    • Jonathan Badger says:

      One of the standard jibes against Wikipedia in the early days was that the article on the Klingon language was longer than the one on Latin, suggesting that contributors were mostly real-life versions of the Simpsons’ Comic Book Guy who were more interested in nerdy than significant things. Sadly for humor purposes, it turned out even then that Wikipedia had separate pages for the various versions of Latin (Classical, Medieval, Church, and Renaissance) and adding them up yielded a much longer version than the Klingon article.

  13. magnetsandlasers says:

    From Yahoo! Translator: “Bush was born 6 from July of 1946 in New Haven, Connecticut, being the first son of the formed marriage George H.W. Bush and its Cruel wife.”

    • Maggie Koerth-Baker says:


      Well, you know what Nixon said about Barbara …

    • kjulig says:

      This is not what the article says though. At first I thought you were making stuff up but in fact Babelfish just sucks.

      “Bush nació el 6 de julio de 1946 en New Haven, Connecticut, siendo el primer hijo del matrimonio formado George H. W. Bush y su esposa Barbara.”

      Babelfish thinks “Barbara” is the adjective “bárbara.”

      Use Google Translate. Much better.

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