John K's new online store

If you're a fan of John Kricfalusi -- and who isn't -- you will love the T-shirts he is selling in his online store called Cartoon Thrills. You are sure to enjoy the jaunty music that begins playing as soon as the site loads as well. Who needs coffee when you have peppy sites like this available to provide you with the get up and go you need to make it through the day?

John K. Store


  1. If this isn’t actually the worst website ever made, it’s certainly in the running.

    How does I work it?

  2. Works OK for me.

    @planettom – That particular shirt says: ‘Yay for Cartoon Geeks’ (You can click on the shirt after you put it on the ‘model’ for a closer look.)

    The jaunty music is ‘Java’, familiar to (hearing) viewers of the BBC show for deaf kids, ‘Vision On’.

        1. Yeah. I know. I like the song too. I even like “It’s a Small World After All”.

          But I was trying to buy some shirts on that infuriating web site. And I just wasn’t up to facing that music for the interminable time it seemed to take.

          I take it back.

          I found another site where you can buy the guy’s stuff in peace.ina

  3. The graphics are awesome as always. But I’ll bookmark it for in case I’ll ever have to explain to a n008 why Flash is teh sux.

    1. You click on a shirt, then click on it once it’s on one of the people, and then there’s a larger picture of the shirt’s design with a BUY NOW above it, on which you click.

  4. .
    that song
    where did i hear it?
    insouciant dancing monsters
    no, muppet

    show it to a 5 year old
    if you don’t mind watching it
    138 times

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