Report: Designer arrested over pro-Wikileaks Anonymous press release

According to this item, Alex Tapanaris, whose name appears in the document properties for a PDF press release attributed to Anonymous during last week's pro-Wikileaks DDOS-a-thon, has been arrested. His web site is now offline, too.


  1. Unless it was Joe Anonymo using pirated keys for Adobe, which originated with Tapanaris. Plausible deniability in spades.

    1. I imagine if Bin Laden were to leave a return address on on of his video releases, he’d also get picked up fairly quickly.

      I’m going to go out on a limb here and hazard that at this point, more resources have been spent tracking down Bin Laden than have been spent on Tapanaris, by several orders of magnitude. But Bin Laden isn’t in Greece, and he doesn’t just give away information so people can track him down.

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