Roy Doty's 2010 Christmas card


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  1. Sekino says:

    Nice! Inventive and delightful sure sums it up perfectly…

    And I’m crazy about the typeface he did at the bottom.

  2. Cowicide says:

    Great card! I love all the elfort the elf goes to pull off the W.

  3. BoydWaters says:

    I have been an avid fan of Roy Doty’s work since his “SuperFudge” illustrations in the 1970s! His work is wonderful! Thanks Mr. Doty for decades of great work!

  4. Anonymous says:

    He is supposed to leave the “L” out. Noël !!!

  5. Drang says:

    I remember seeing a web page with collection of his Christmas cards…

    Oh yes, it was linked from this page.

    The archive itself is here at Hogan’s Alley.

  6. RedShirt77 says:

    Oh gosh, what’s going on in the “N”?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Tell Roy thank you for all those great Wordless Workshops. Dad got Popular Science for the articles, I only read it for the art. Roy’s work was always a model of clear storytelling and great information design. I’m very glad he’s still at it!

    Mark Martel

  8. Stefan Jones says:

    Add my thanks to Mark Martel’s thanks.

    I’d love to still be able to work at age 88 . . . assuming I changed jobs to something I enjoyed doing!

  9. irksome says:

    I suppose it was inevitable but hat “N” is disturbing.

    Not that there’s anything WRONG with hot elf-on-elf love.

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