Badass LEGO Guns: Building Instructions for Five Working Guns

Badass LEGO Guns looks like a fun book. It has step-by-step instructions for making weapons that fire rubber bands or Lego bricks "at high speeds with surprising accuracy."
badasslegogun8oy.jpgThriller Advanced -- a powerful crossbow pistol with smooth cocking and chambering mechanisms

Parabella -- , a pint-sized, rubber band-shooting marvel

Warbeast -- a fully automatic bullpup submachine gun

Liliputt -- a sophisticated, semiautomatic pistol with a nine-brick magazine

Mini-Thriller -- a lightweight, folding-crossbow pistol

Magic Moth -- a fully articulated butterfly "knife"

Badass LEGO Guns


    1. Now, see you just bring the pieces along with you, in a box labeled as some other innocuous LEGO set, then assemble it in the “dangerous” configuration that you wanted, then you can get around the stupid TSA idiocy and have play-guns too. Now just imagine how freaked out people that have succumbed to the terrorist-fear-idiocy would be once you start firing off rubber bands at them… and, hopefully, the resulting laughter at the absurdity of the whole situation, or a heart attack…

    1. K’nex guns are are not even made from LEGO.
      That’s the point with LEGO guns.
      They’re are made from LEGO!
      I’m sure one could make guns out of all sorts of materials, steel parts for example, doesn’t make them “cooler” to a LEGO geek.

      A few parts require gluing and sanding.

  1. Well gluing isn’t unheard of in large Lego projects by experts, I would only think sanding would be necessary if you weren’t really good with the glue. (A.K.A. most people.) There flat-topped lego pieces you could use to line shafts so you don’t have to sand down the top.

    The Lego Techniques series does provide “peg-holed” blocks that could technically be used to improve the strength, but I still don’t think you could get around gluing it. I think it’s probably more tension than the pegs could handle. Besides, there would be durability issues if you didn’t glue the pieces together. How do you think LegoLand gets it’s sculptures to stand up to the elements?

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