Gift Idea: Wikileaks Jewlery


Having trouble figuring out what to get this holiday season for the web/media/privacy/security nerd in your life? Might I suggest the Wikileaks "Insurance" file on a swanky micro USB drive like the Pico-C? My friend SFslim suggested this on twitter the other day and I promptly jumped on the idea and bought one for myself. I love it. These little drives are super sturdy and barely looks like a piece of technology. At around $30 for the 16GB version, they offer many additional practical uses. Smaller versions are available too, but you need at least 2GB for the Wikileaks "insurance" file. I got a silver one and stuck it on a $5 stainless steel ball chain, but you could probably class it up a bit more with an "actual" jewelry-class necklace. Cypherpunks will get a kick out of this, and their friends and family will have new fodder with which to mock them.


  1. Those field notes books are very nice. I have 3 or 4 of them around.

    The jewelry wold hide away very nicely behind a dog tag.

  2. It’s the most beautiful USB drive I’ve ever seen. I don’t care what anyone puts on it – I want one! :)

    Also, I’ll take a stack of those Field Notes books, too.

    @mdh – gotta disagree and go with Field Notes books being pretty geeky, just in a different way. ;) A good way, though!

  3. Field Notes have been adopted by the fashion world to some extent – you can get them through retailers like J.Crew, for example. Doesn’t make them any less cool, but I wouldn’t call them geeky in the same way this type of flash drive is (I have a similar, but not as well-made, tiny flash drive from a couple years ago – the prices have really come down!)

    I have a bunch of Moleskine graph paper notebooks that are the same size as the Field Notes ones; they’re not as hip because you can get them in bookstores like Barnes & Noble, but a little less conspicuous. In this day and age, the “FIELD NOTES” label is a “look at me!” kind of thing – which is why they’ve become fashionable, of course.

    To redeem my sense of hip geekiness, I also have the kind of notebooks that people who do serious field work use – hard-bound and waterproof. Because, well, I do serious geology field work sometimes! Of course, I’m not *quite* hip enough to go for the fashionable hip pouch: see here – if I did the type of geology that regularly required carrying an acid bottle I probably would use one of those, though.

  4. Very cool USB drive. And I get to find out about a new, fab notebook in the process. Oh, and I don’t care if Moleskines are not as hip as they used to be. At least now I don’t have to order them from London like I first did before they became popular again.

  5. 1) Just so you know, this drive can screw up the USB ports on some Mac laptops. And it loosens the drives on other brands because of its too-tight fit…

    2) RE: Moleskines. Yep, my first one was an import too! I love being able to get them easily now, cool, uncool, massmerch, whatever. What I don’t like are the new colours and gimmicky things they’ve done to them. The minimalism WAS your product, people!

  6. I have one of those Pico drives, but I don’t wear it as jewelry. Like a savage, I keep it on my key ring. It takes up very little room, whereas other flash drives I’ve tried that with make a noticeable lump in my pocket.

    It is a little bit of a tight fit — as others have mentioned above — but I haven’t broken any USB drives. But it seems sturdy enough to cause damage if inserted incorrectly.

  7. Had one of these Pico drives. The back plate is held on with a heat-sensitive sticky glue instead of something stronger. When the glue fails, the Super-Talent warranty support person contacts an “engineer” who will report that it is your fault, and will not send a replacement. Cheap, poorly designed junk, but hey at least it’s pretty.

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