If Winsor McCay drew the origin-stories of Superman's arch-enemies

Stuart Immonen illustrated the origin stories of the great DC supervillains in the style of Winsor McCay, of Little Nemo in Slumberland fame. These originally appeared in a 1998 Secret Files comic. The result is magic.

Winsor McCay's supervillains (via Super Punch)


  1. He got the artistic sensibilities of Mccay right, but the speech bubbles — they’re too coherent. Mccay had the horrible tendency to jam his words into the bubbles, even when they didn’t quite fit.

  2. I wish to god they would make a decent superman film. Call it “The Man Of Steel”… hire someone with a freakin’ neck and jaw to play superman. Go back to the original comic books… maybe even set it in the year 1938. Portray him as a strongman in tights who can jump high, but has to grunt to catch airplanes and cars in his hands. Make him a real reporter, tapping out hard news stories. Make the damn movie gritty, not romantic like “superman returns” … None of this flying around in outer space business.

    It’ll never happen. Hollywood just isn’t capable.

    1. Well, they’re planning a new superman picture: “Superman – The Man Of Steel” with Chris Nolan co-writing the script and producing.
      Should be interesting.
      If I’ll be alive two years from now to watch it. I haven’t been feeling so good.

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