Wikipedia's first 10,000 edits

Joseph Reagle, author of the excellent history of Wikipedia, Good Faith Collaboration (review coming soon) sez, "When I wrote my book on Wikipedia's culture and history, many sources, such as emails from founders, Nupedia-l archives, and (most sadly) the early days of Wikipedia contributions were lost to bit rot. But thanks to a recent discovery of some old log files by Tim Starling, I've been able to roughly reconstruct the first 10,000 edits to Wikipedia (about 6 weeks)."


  1. “There are two kind of arguments for the existence of God: ObviouslyBadArgumentsForTheExistenceOfGod, and TraditionallyRespectableArgumentsForTheExistenceOfGod. We shan’t speculate on whether the latter belong to the former.”

    Hahahaha, oh man. Wikipedia sure has come a long way since. Gotten a lot less funny, though.

  2. ayespy. he works hard. sometimes for love, sometimes for renumeration. sometimes he fences, sometimes he earns $$


  3. I thought the laws of wiki would break down at some point as you worked backwards trying to reconstruct how Wikipedia originated from nothing. “Well, we can get to the 10^(-37)th edit or so, but before that, things start to look fuzzy…”

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