Evening Standrd: anonymous satirical newspaper headline posters

Some anonymous genius has been postering my neighborhood in east London with satirical posters featuring headlines from the "Evening Standrd" (sic) (the Evening Standard is a ubiquitous London tabloid freesheet). So far, I've spotted four of them (along with this possibly related Daily Mail parody). I don't know who's behind it, but they've got my vote for God-Emperor of British Media.

Evening Standrd


  1. Its an art group called Le Gun, or they are somehow related. They have a store in Kingly court off Carnaby street.

  2. I swear that says Wiki-Lerks too. Like this wiki thing is waiting out of sight just around the corner…. to jump out and REVEAL something egads.

    1. typography is the study of arranging type. You meant graphology fail, and in the process you had a pedantry fail.

      1. I would suggest that a significant part of typography is choosing the typeface, so, I would certainly grant Ted8305 his typography fail.

  3. Then maybe it’s a calligraphy fail, but there is no “type” used in handwriting.

    A ‘font’ is literally a drawer full of lead type. it is not merely a style.

    1. …and I never mentioned a ‘font’, I specifically said TYPEFACE. And a typeface can be drawn, sculpted, printed, pressed, painted, whatever you choose. Fail win fail win!

      PS. Besides, if you look carefully, this is spraypainted with a stencil, so it is not handwriting at all.

  4. TYPEFACE = ‘font’.
    mdh is right in that pedantry.
    Hand lettering – we used to call “lettering style”. “Calligraphy” would do, too.
    However, half a pedantry point for spotting the stencil.

    1. Exactly. Considering the stencil of unknown origin, I’ll go with ‘lettering’. It might be a typeface if it’s a full set, otherwise it might be a one-off stencil. A conundrum wripped in a riddle and stuck in a pickle I tell ya.

      @Jasonclock, enjoy whatever you enjoy about this, but don’t claim someone trying to inform you is failing, while you win. Learning and winning go hand in hand. Also, fail.

  5. Okay, I can’t help myself…

    The plurality of ‘weapons’ is already contained in the acronym.


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