Auto-generated Melville/Dickinson poetry

Andrew sez, "MIT faculty member Nick Montfort, along with poet Stephanie Strickland, just published Sea and Spar Between, a poetry generator based on text from the poems of Emily Dickinson and Melville's Moby-Dick. From those combined works, the poem can assemble into stanzas the words very common or very unique to both. The result is an incredible way to learn poetry: you get to explore how we read, analyze, and write poetry ourselves."

Sea and Spar Between

Nick Montfort publishes "Sea and Spar Between", a Dickinson+Melville poetry generator

(Thanks, Andrew!)


  1. Reading Emily Dickinson is another good way to learn about poetry. Reading Melville is a truly astounding way to learn about whales (except he deliberately call them “fish” as kind of a mindbender).

    Reading computer-generated illiterate memebeams is crude at best.

  2. Thanks for posting this Cory; I’ve followed Nick with interest for years. He’s a great point of entry for anyone curious about intersections between programming and poetics. Very revealing work that does well to attend to the richness of his sources– a powerful interpretive tool and marvelous art, simultaneously. I can only hazard to guess that this project found real inspiration in Jim Carpenter’s awesome Erica T. Carter.

  3. This seems like a good idea. But I found the interface to be un-user fruendish. Too bad. This might have been very cool.

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