Grace Jones singing "Little Drummer Boy" to Pee Wee Herman

Video Link [via Submitterator, thanks porkchop].


  1. Pee Wee’s Playhouse was the most awesome show. We used to party and grill all night, and then fight to stay up JUST to see it the next morning. 1986 was AWESOME

      1. HBO is Filming his Current BROADWAY Show .. it is a SPECIAL as noted in all the article recently announcing it

    1. is this the same special where K.D. Lang sang “Jingle Bell Rock”? I think it is. I had this on vhs.

  2. Just one of the many shocking things in this video is the harmonic change to minor 4, instead of the usual major 4, on “pa rum pum pum pum”. The 80’s: is there anything they didn’t do?

  3. If I’m remembering correctly, this bit ends with the realization that Grace Jones was supposed to be delivered (in the crate there, which she comes out of at the beginning of the bit) to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave rather than Pee Wee’s Playhouse.

  4. The look on her face says, “Really, what the fuck is this? Damn, when will I come down? Is this a dream?”

  5. I used to watch Pee Wee’s Playhouse when I was a kid. I remember seeing this and thinking “hey, it’s that crazy woman from ‘Conan.’ I bet she beats-up Pee Wee when the song is over.”

    Grace Jones is the only woman I consider to be really cool, surprisingly surreal and just a little bit scary all at the same time. I like her.

  6. Did anyone else spend the rest of their night making hats like the one Grace is wearing?
    Absolutely fabulous.

  7. You can watch the entire Christmas Special for free on

    In regards to the HBO special, HBO is going to film the Broadway show that Pee-Wee has been doing. I went during preview week, and it was fantastic.

    The plot and many of the jokes are similar to the original Pee-Wee Herman Show special which aired on HBO many years ago. If you have a chance to see it before it closes on Broadway, do it! You will not be disappointed.
    When the curtains opened, it felt like you were inside the playhouse. It was so bright and all of the puppets were alive! One of my top moments of 2010 for sure.

  8. @noahpoah

    I think she was actually meant to go to the white house if I remember correctly. As a child, this confused me. Don’t get me wrong, I WANT to live in a universe where the president has Grace Jones mailed to him for Christmas…but how good is the Whitehouse when it comes to receiving mysterious crates?

    There’s every chance that she’d end up screaming for hep that will never come indie the warehouse with Ark.

  9. I’m not sure how I missed it last night, but “White House, Washington, DC” is clearly visible on the crate during the song.

    Actually, I suppose I do know how I missed it. I was watching Grace Jones instead of the crate.

  10. I remember working with the others that year, preparing for a Joey Ramone solo show he was putting on with many special guests. I was drawing the poster for it. Joey made us all break to watch this Pee Wee Herman Christmas Special. Joey laughed so hard at pee Wee that at one point, he almost fell off his chair and two guys caught him! Thanks for posting this video, it brings back good memories of punk rock Christmases past.

  11. Pee Wee’s Christmas Special has been required holiday viewing in my house since it premiered in 1987, when I was 8.

    I have always been obsessed with her molded bodice.

    I’m also very fond of K.D. Lang’s “Jingle Bell Rock” from said special, as s he seems to be having a blast with it.

  12. I always thought that BBT’s Sheldon Cooper, Ph.D., was Pee Wee Herman’s illegitemate child.

    /articifial insemination, no doubt

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