The Arizona motorcycle saddle

az-moto-saddle.jpg"These are big sellers in Arizona right now!!!" (Via Book of Joe)


    1. Come on, Guys, Don’t take em seriously. Just Harley Guys having fun. By theway the most polite people I’ve encountered are those at gun shows. Go figure. : )

      1. re: “By theway the most polite people I’ve encountered are those at gun shows. ”

        Haven’t you heard – an armed society is a polite society ;o)

  1. I’m sure the “look at me I have a gun” set will love this.

    But I wonder how many people will have their sidearm stolen while they’re getting a coffee before people realize this is kind of a dumb idea.

  2. It’s on the wrong side. Unless you have a really old throttle without the deadman cut off you have to keep your hand on the gas. So you need to shoot with your left hand. Details matter folks.

  3. Nice saddle thingy.. the bandolier bit on the back is a bit silly. The holster is removable, that’s good. But that stupid bullethole sticker on the back fender is just obnoxious.

    1. But that stupid bullethole sticker on the back fender is just obnoxious.

      I think it kind of goes well with the theme myself.

  4. 2 more thoughts. The looks like a legitimate paddle style holster, so it can be pulled and easily transferred to a carry piece. The bullets on the bandoleer are more than silly, they are dangerous, as children could quite easily get to them.
    The sticker is still dumb.

  5. as a rider, i must say, it is VERY hard to keep on the throttle, and draw firearm with your right (throttle) hand.

    do-able, but hard. one must learn left handed proficiency.

  6. Available in black? WANT! Seriously – solves the whole concealed carry conundrum, looks much more comfy than my current saddle and I already gave my old nighthawk a horse’s name. Bucephalus.


  7. I think we all agree the gun and bullets (and bullet hole sticker) are silly, but the idea of using a fine leather horse saddle on a motorcycle I don’t think is stupid. It wouldn’t look right on a Japanese crotch-rocket style bike of course, but for a classically styled bike it might look nice and could be designed so that it’s comfortable and functional.

    1. The gun is not next to the engine. And leather does not transmit heat very well which is why welders were leather gloves and other leather protective gear.

      I open carry a gun every where I go. Mostly just because I can. I’m not particularly scared about anything, never been robbed or burglarized and I live in a real sketchy neighborhood. It’s a tool, I carry a flashlight and tools in my cars and like the gun I hope to never have to use them either.

      I hope we pass a law similar to the AZ law on constitutional carry here in Nevada. Of course this is open carry which is already legal there and here.

      I think the seat here is well executed and looks neat, but it’s silly because the motorcycle is the modern day horse and a rifle scabbard makes sense on the modern horse not a pistol holster and bandolier.

      I think “think of the children” is the same of Godwin’s. Should be seen in the same light. How about you teach your children to keep their hands off other people’s stuff? Problem solved.

      1. You know, to many of us, you carrying a gun in public is like someone wearing a hat in church. Of course it’s your right. Way to draw attention to yourself for the sake of upsetting others in a public place.

        Put your penis where it belongs, away, and take your hat off in church if nowhere else.

        can you, with a straight face, compare someones concern for leaving ammo out unattended with a Godwin? For reals? I mean, that’s some seriously self-important bull droppings right there.

      2. “How about you teach your children to keep their hands off other people’s stuff?” I’m glad you know that your children and any children near them never make mistakes or are tempted by guns left in plain sight and that all adults within shooting distance always do the right thing.

        Since you live in a perfect world without accidents could you please tell us exactly where you live so we can join you?

        1. Accidents! Scary accidents! Stay home and dull all pointy objects, bury any flammable materials, eat only cold food! There could be an accident!

          1. Okay, would you mind if I dug an 20 foot deep pit on the empty lot next to your house, filled it with bear traps, and left it unfenced? I didn’t think so.

            Freedom has a twin sister called Responsibility, but from your perspective you probably call her Justice and despise her for keeping you down.

          2. Is this hypothetical vacant lot owned by you?

            Your type of thinking results in public pools that lack diving boards and public playgrounds that all look the same.

            I don’t have to stop swinging my fist around just because you might decide to walk into my personal space. If you do, then you should get hit. That is Justice.

  8. This reminds me fondly of when I was a pizza deliver guy in Tucson back in the 90s. One of my favorite, nicest customers was this black leather-clad ZZ Top-bearded dude who would ride his Harley to the pizza place (Gatsby’s Pizza in the Time Market) and he always had a six-shooter in a holster on his hip. He would order the pizza and then have me meet him for delivery at his place a couple blocks away. Nice guy. Good tipper.

  9. The way to go is a saddle scabbard and lever carbine mounted along the front fork. This look here is trendy, but the saddle scabbard actually serves to carry a rifle.

  10. Arizona is a an open carry state as well as concealed carry state. It is perfectly legal to do this here. You thought Texas was bad….

  11. When I was waiting to see if Canada was going to let me emigrate from the UK some people said, “if not Canada what about the US?”

    That picture sums why not perfectly. Too many guns and bikes built and ridden for looks.

  12. We have a guy in our Cowboy Action shooting group that rides his Harley to the shoots. He has a _real_ saddle mounted on the bike; I’ve never seen him arrive or leave, so I don’t know how he carries his two sixguns, rifle, shotgun, and couple of hundred rounds of ammo, though.

    The pictured rig would be perfect for riding to Cowboy shoots – there would naturally be another holster on the left (and what makes the snarky commenters yapping about /can’t draw with your throttle hand/ think there _isn’t_ another one on the left?).

    Whether the open-carry pistol(s) and/or ammo (which could be dummies, just for looks) is legal depends on the state and, in some states, the specific town you’re in. In Arizona, it’s probably just fine – IIRC, it would be just fine in Kentucky, too. Here in Missouri, it’s theoretically legal except in certain towns (and you have no good way of knowing which ones!), but will likely get you hassled if you try it (on the other hand, the guy I mentioned in the first paragraph apparently has had no problems).

    I used to carry a carbine in a saddle scabbard on my bike – found out later it wasn’t necessarily legal in one of the three states where I did it, bot no cop ever hassled, or even asked, me about it.

  13. Pop quiz: you’re in Arizona, you are on your motorbike and you see an illegal immigrant. What do you do? What. Do. You. Do?

  14. Open carry (which has always been legal here in Arizona) is a great motorcycle safety enhancement. It gets attention faster than an orange safety vest. And if they see you, they see you.

  15. I’m a biker and I have a Texas Concealed Handgun License…just so you know where I’m coming from.

    There is no practical reason for this type of motorcycle saddle. I think it looks cool, and I believe that’s the only reason for it to exist. Should Texas adopt open carry laws, though, that entire saddle would have to be disarmed every time it was dismounted…including ammunition (it’s a felony to leave a firearm or ammunition unattended and accessible to children). That would get really annoying.

    Granted, I wouldn’t openly carry either, even if it became legal here.

  16. People scared about the picture are probably shitting kittens when they see this one:

    You don’t have to worry about the guy with a CCW or open carry. You have to worry about the one in their pants with a record.

    As far as danger – if you are really that scared – stay off the road. You way more likely to die in traffic than from an accidental gun shot.

  17. When a motorcycle riding friend of mine forward this to me last year, I thought it was a good idea poorly executed. However, the reasons I don’t like it have little to do with the reasons above (including the incredibly asinine ‘OMG it’s within three feet of an engine will it blow up?!??’ mentality).

    The bullets are obviously for show, and I don’t carry a gun for show. That’s why I have a concealed carry permit. That said, I do carry a gun every day. I also live in a state that permits open carry, and I exercise that right from time to time where I feel that it is appropriate (on my way to the range, for example). I also fully intend to mount a shotgun/rifle scabbard on the front fork of my motorcycle to be used in similar instances.

    To answer those with the frantic ‘Think of the children’ and ‘Good lord, there is a gun that I never would have seen if it was concealed’ comments: No responsible gun owner would leave an unsecured loaded gun with ammunition nearby on their motorcycle. Come on. That’s actually stupider than you thinking the damn thing will blow up because it’s in the sun on a warm day.

    If you don’t like open carry laws, move to California or some similar nanny state where gun violence is high. In the meantime, if you see someone like me openly carrying a handgun (or larger) on a motorcycle, you can rest assured that I am legally exercising my constitutional rights and that if a cop stops me I will be able to answer any of their questions and go on my way. The same can’t be said for your felon neighbor with a stolen handgun that carries it in his pocket so you don’t see it. Good luck.

  18. Anon said, “It’s on the wrong side. Unless you have a really old throttle without the deadman cut off you have to keep your hand on the gas. So you need to shoot with your left hand. Details matter folks.”

    Obviously there is a gun on both sides, Anon. We just can’t see the other one.

    To everyone freaking out about the bullets, they’re probably just there for decoration and can’t be fired. And I imagine the rider would take his guns with him when getting off the bike anyway.

  19. The guy who pointed out that you’re inviting people to steal your gun every time you leave the bike made the best point; or, I guess, you go through the hassle of moving the thing to your belt or whatever every time you dismount to go do something.

    If I was a big gun guy, I think that just having a regular holster would be a lot more practical; this thing is just goofy.

    There are plenty of reasons to make fun of this that don’t involve someone having to be the straw-gun-control-lefty you think is hiding under your bed.

  20. @edked…I agree, actually. It is goofy, obnoxious, and made to show off rather than be practical. A normal holster would get the job done with far less fuss.

    As far as my comments regarding the “straw-gun-control-lefty”…that’s funny. I think you may have misunderstood. Those comments weren’t directed towards the original post, but towards the commentators above. In addition, I have no illusions of some right-wing harbor of constitutional freedoms, and many of my left-wing friends are gun owners. In fact, I might be tempted to take offense at your assumption that I am right-wing. The fact that I am a gun owner shouldn’t lead you to that conclusion.

  21. You know all this worry and fret reminds me that my dad used to ride on a bus with a few friends – WITH SHOT GUNS – and go rabbit hunting on Stanton Island.

    My dad has thought this for awhile, and I think there is some validity to it, that most people are only exposed to guns on TV and movies. There they see that “guns bad, aarrgghhh”. The bad guys uses guns. Guns cause explosions and mayhem. They are on the news because of gang deaths. Machine guns throw 1000 bullets out in a minute (IRL, 30 rounds in a machine gun lasts a couple seconds or so.) They aren’t exposed to the other 99% of gun use – hunting, sport shooting, target shooting, home protections.

    So I encourage people to get educated. Take a class. Watch Mythbusters and see that bullets don’t make you fly back 10 feet, and it’s hard as hell to make a car explode, and that cooked off rounds do little damage.

  22. Jesus Christ lighten the fuck up you babies! As nearly everyone has noted it’s impractical for anything other than showing off (which is about 99% of the purpose of a chopped bike in the first place) and which kind of lessens the whole “danger aspect”. So it’s not your thing, the whole “western” look conflated with bikes isn’t so much my thing either (neither are most raked choppers for that matter, but I think “cowboy guns” are usually prettier than modern guns) but there is a shitload of vitriol over something as minor as an aesthetic choice.

    You are more than 14 times more likely to die from 2nd hand smoke than you are to be so much as injured by a firearm. It’s a fucking fact (the CDC keeps stats compiling all firearms deaths and injuries and all deaths from 2nd hand smoke and if you add it up you’ll see).

    Think of the children“. For one thing nobody here has demonstrated any knowledge as to the non-prop nature of the rounds or if the firearm itself is real or if it is it is being left in the saddle unattended (kinda’ fuck doubt it).

    the group I identify with finds it tacky even though it is your right” Go fuck yourself. Some assholes are going to always be found to object to shit other people do that does not involve them. I personally think sagging pants and modern athletic shoes make the wearers look like fucking morons, but that is my problem. If someone with a weapon legitimately endangers you then call a cop, otherwise you’re facing more danger from people tuning the radio or fucking with the iPhone while driving.

    To bastardize Easy Rider: This used to be a hell of a great country where people believed in personal freedom. Now folks about shit their pants when they see someone exercise any of it.

  23. Mark,
    Link the link for this:
    “These are big sellers in Arizona right now!!!”

    Note the Sheriffs car in the background. Was this a one time instance at a 711 or something? A repo? A Fabout photo OP or what?

    Lacking in facts. Fill us in please.


  24. ANyone notice that the exhaust is formed into shotgun barrels? It’s a theme bike… I’m sure it’s all prop stuff.

  25. Hahaha. I was about to write that it was on the wrong side but sure enough, someone else had the same thought. Okay, I guess I did just write that afterall. Yeeehaaw road range bike!

    Personally, I think a turret on the handlebars would be much more sensible.

  26. Why don’t you Americans put all that effort into making a bike that does more than 50 mph, and can go round corners?

  27. as a very left-wing, gun-owning, motorcycle-riding citizen, i have to say that BATTLEBORN is absolutely correct in what he’s saying and that LOGRUSZED is also extremely correct in what he’s saying, although his profanity will make most people disregard his opinions.

    chill out people, no one that is willing to carry a gun on a motorcycle is going to leave a real, loaded gun unattended. the majority of LEGAL gun owners are probably the most responsible people with guns out there.

    this coming from someone who’s parents (one was a chief of police for 7 years and a cop for almost 30) owned a gun store for almost 20 years.

    this is entirely for show. no one is really expecting that they are going to “pull” this gun on someone. it’s a theme bike, that thing probably hardly ever sees road miles.

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