Whale sharks in 3D


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I just happen to have 3-d glasses next to me (kids have been watching Shrek 3-D). The video seems messed up. Red and blue images should be offset left and right. These seem to be more vertical, and an angle really. It almost works if you tilt your head 45 degrees to the left. But not quite.

    Here’s a real 3-D movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuQXPdoxxrY (flowers)

  2. blorgggg says:

    This is awesome! Thanks for sharing! We also made a short documentary which you guys might be interested in that will be ready soon which explains the discovery and function of the honeybee’s waggle dance . I’ll submitterate it when it’s ready. Thanks again!

  3. mindysan33 says:

    Yay, ATL! The tunnel under the big tank is easily the best part of the GA aquarium. They also do a scuba program where you can swim in the big tank if you are a scuba…er person. They do a sleep over program for kids too.

    Atlanta has lots of cool stuff going on lately. Well worth a visit.

  4. blorgggg says:

    Here’s a 3D video of the beluga whale tank too (shorter, fewer other things): http://youtu.be/DdcE5UL2yYM?hd=1

  5. jeffguevin says:

    My Tron:Legacy glasses don’t work. ;_;

  6. blorgggg says:

    BTW, this was created by Georgia Tech’s (newly renamed) MARS lab (http://borg.cc.gatech.edu/) for part of the Accessible Aquarium Project (http://sonify.psych.gatech.edu/research/aquarium/)

  7. Zan says:

    This video (or a similar one) is part of the demo loop for Sony 3D HDTVs. Instead of running out to get red.blue glasses, run out to your local electronics store that carries high-end Sony stuff. It looks much better through shutter glasses than through red/blue glasses on a computer monitor. You might, however, have to sit though the demo of bad 2D-to-3D still image conversion first.

  8. stevecopley says:

    Whilst living in Seychelles for a few years, my wife and I had several opportunities to snorkel with these huge and beautiful creatures…


    Quite an amazing experience!

  9. monopole says:

    I really wish they would repost the video in an format compatible with the yt3d flag on youtube. At that point a tab on you tube allows you to recode the video to just about any 3D format out there:
    works great with my Zalman Trimon 3D display

  10. toresbe says:

    The anaglyph display makes it fairly obvious that the camera pair is misaligned. There should never be vertical skew between the eyes, only horizontal. It seems as if it’s in proper registration at the top, and then just gets more and more disastrous towards the bottom.

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