Wikileaks joins forces with billionaire Lebedev to "expose corruption in Russia"

Bloomberg: "Novaya Gazeta, the Moscow newspaper controlled by former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and billionaire Alexander Lebedev, said it agreed to join forces with WikiLeaks to expose corruption in Russia."


  1. Doesn’t Assange already claim his life is in danger? If it’s not, it will be once WikiLeaks starts pissing off the Russian mob.

  2. Hopefully the people who think that Wikileaks only goes after America and not the “real” authoritarian states will notice this.

    Governments of the world are going to have to get used to the new normal. Just like file sharing, there’s nothing anybody can do to stop this.

      1. And we will fight too. And we will win. :)

        No empire can last forever. It would defy the second law of thermodynamics.

  3. In related news, scientists anticipate another Tunguska incident centered on Novaya Gazeta’s offices.

  4. I know this guy on this one forum who gleefully discusses the possibility of Assange being given radium poison by some Russian assassin. I find it rather morbid to hope that that kind of thing happens, and also; doesn’t that mean you want the commies to win?

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