3D printing year-in-review

Joris sez, "2010 was an amazing year in 3D printing. It was a 'year of acquaintance' where millions of people came into contact with this 25 year old technology for the first time. The post is the year in review for 3D printing and sums up many of the advances and progress the 3D printing has made in 2010."
* April 14th Shapeways introduces 3D printed glass. A new Prometal material that has exciting applications and is recyclable.

* May 1st McGill University researchers learn how to 3D print ice.
* May 25th EOS displays and shows off stainless-steel prototypes for customized spinal surgical instruments, Cobalt chrome replacement knee joint prototypes, end-product dental copings and bridges and Titanium dental implants.

* June 8th Materialise creates a full size King Tut replica for National Geographic.
* June 21st RepRap contributor Erik de Bruijn launches Ultimaker, a 3D printing kit with a large 21cm by 21cm build volume.

2010: the Year in 3D printing (Thanks, Joris!)