Card flourishes and mystical poetry

Here's YouTube user Scottmfreda doing delightful card-flourishes while reciting mystical poetry. He's a talented card mechanic and a pretty good poet! According to PeaceLove, he's also a fine painter and guitar and sitar player.

doing flourishes and magic to my its all in the mind poem (Thanks, PeaceLove!)


  1. Huh. Maybe he should have spent less time learning card tricks, and more time figuring what side of the camera is up.

  2. I thought there was a way to flag messages as spam. Was I hallucinating?

    If he’s a good poet, is this a bad reading? It sounds very coffee shop to me.

  3. Nice hands, I like the snap change on the faceup card near the end. The mystic poetry is good misdirection as his … wait … don’t guys use zippers anymore?

  4. Scott is one of the most incredible sleight-of-hand/flourish artists in the WORLD. He is also much more. So great to see him BOINGBOING’d

    Haters: you will never recognize true art. Sorry to say so.

    Everyone else: spread the word “SCOTT FREDA is a beautiful and magical soul.”

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