Card flourishes and mystical poetry


6 Responses to “Card flourishes and mystical poetry”

  1. frankieboy says:

    the lengths a guy will go to get laid!

  2. johnofjack says:

    I thought there was a way to flag messages as spam. Was I hallucinating?

    If he’s a good poet, is this a bad reading? It sounds very coffee shop to me.

  3. gusstraub says:

    Huh. Maybe he should have spent less time learning card tricks, and more time figuring what side of the camera is up.

  4. quesarah says:

    Nice hands, I like the snap change on the faceup card near the end. The mystic poetry is good misdirection as his … wait … don’t guys use zippers anymore?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Scott is one of the most incredible sleight-of-hand/flourish artists in the WORLD. He is also much more. So great to see him BOINGBOING’d

    Haters: you will never recognize true art. Sorry to say so.

    Everyone else: spread the word “SCOTT FREDA is a beautiful and magical soul.”

  6. Anonymous says:

    And he does it all while sitting sideways. Yowza!

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