Epic response to a cranky letter about paper airplanes in a sports stadium


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  1. JeffersonJ says:


    The Honorable Ignatius Reilly, Esquire


  2. Chrs says:

    I plan to reuse this FOREVER.

  3. Trent Hawkins says:

    The best thing is that this is quite a useful response letter applicable to many situations involving ass holes and passive aggressive messages.

  4. ethancoop says:

    Thanks for the entirely too loud early morning laugh.

    Christ, what an… oh wait, they already said it for me.

  5. woid says:

    A great meme, but it was already old in 1974. It probably goes back at least a decade more.

    I know Steve Allen sent the same response to his crazier correspondents (though he said idiot, not asshole).

    I don’t know if he originated the joke*, but it’s typical of him.

    *Krusty the Clown (on the phone, realizing he’s been prank-called): “If this is anybody but Steve Allen, you’re stealing my bit!”

  6. mdh says:

    Some years back, at work, someone called in to complain about a company truck and the way it was being driven. The call went to the president of the company and all I heard from next door was “Oh, that was you in the civic on ’95? Yeah, that was me. You drive like a fcuking clown!!” and he hung up the phone.

  7. jeff.simmermon says:

    I laughed out loud at this — I honestly feel like I could write that letter about five times a day.

  8. MrBawn says:

    That is the most awesome thing to come out of Cleveland by a wide margin. Wide. Very wide.

  9. Kimmo says:

    That’s just magic : D

    I’m blown away by the sheer chutzpah… it’s a shining example!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I feel like the BB post does not do a good job of capturing the back and forth properly. The original post is definitely worth a click.

    Also — neither the original post or the BB repost capture one of the more interesting aspects: the management who wrote the awesome reply letter actually made a point of CC’ing it to Art Modell, the famed [or infamous] owner of the team.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I feel like using that response next time someone on the mailing list I manage says something especially stupid. YOUR MAIL ACCOUNT MAY HAVE BEEN COMPROMISED!

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