How a little girl's Christmas pageant with punch was ruined by Kenny Loggins


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  1. mindysan33 says:

    She is soooooo funny. I always love her post and the pictures are hysterical.

    Don’t feel bad not know who Kenny Loggins is, pKp… I knew some undergrads this semester who didn’t know who Phil Collins was. The one guy who knew only knew the Tarzan song. Damn kids.

    BB — Wouldn’t Danger Zone be his best known song? I seem to remember that being everywhere, too.

  2. millie fink says:

    Yes! I was in tears, laughing at that the other day!

    Allie Brosh is just amazing–hardcore talent. I can’t believe she doesn’t have a book out yet.

    So cool of Cory/BoingBoing to send her some attention.

  3. AnnieGetYourFun says:

    Kenny Loggins was the original Chuck Norris, it seems.

  4. stadenko says:

    I’m no comedy snob and I’m not offended by it, but I just didn’t find that post to be even remotely funny. I think it’s cuz it was trying too hard to be wacky instead of simply allowing wackiness to happen.

  5. pKp says:

    I have NO IDEA who Kenny Loggins is, and this still made me laugh out loud. Plus, it’s great she’s posting again, I was afraid she’d quit.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE ALLIE BROSH!!! This is hilarious, but certainly not her BEST work. However, she can bring me to tears of laughter faster than anyone!!

  7. g0d5m15t4k3 says:

    I have never seen this comic before but it was pretty hilarious. I like how the badly drawn boxy-stick people can emote so well. One of the best part is where her mom is on the floor laughing and about to tell her to go to her room. She seems to be laughing and biting her butt or something. Its just amusing.

  8. ransom notes says:

    If I had been drinking milk while reading this, it would have spewed out of my nose from convulsive laughter. thanks for sharing Cory.

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