Madonna and entourage released from grounded Virgin flight two hours ahead of mere mortals

Passengers on a Virgin Atlantic flight diverted from Heathrow to London Stansted had to wait on the tarmac for three hours before they were taken off the jet and brought into the airport -- all except Madonna and her entourage, who were taken off in about an hour. Madonna had reportedly been horrifying her fellow first-class passengers by practicing yoga in the aisles while they were held hostage in the aircraft.
Virgin issued a statement saying it was common for "business and first-class passengers to disembark first." In this case, though, there was apparently at least one more class of passenger. "Madonna was taken off the plane way before the rest of the first-class people," a member of the normally privileged upper classes told the Daily Mail. "We were all grumbling about it."
Virgin Passengers Not Named Madonna Wait 3 Hours To Get Off Plane

(Image: Virgin Atlantic A340, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from 39551170@N02's photostream)