New York Blizzard time-lapse video

[ Video Link] by Michael Black. (via Aaron Stewart-Ahn)


  1. confused… all I see is a static image of a garden table with umbrella… no video feed at all… and the same when following the link

  2. How is it possible that I live in the upper midwest and this storm missed me completely and hadn’t even heard about it until just now? I hope they can handle this much snow in the city. I would probably consider this a state of emergency if I were Gov.

    1. >> A lot of this snow appears to be drift off of the roof…

      Yep. I could tell by some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few roofs in my time.

  3. Belmar is a scant 30 miles from NYC, and anything that close to NYC in NJ is just considered an extension of the city by most.

    And I have to say, I’m really jealous. Thirty miles east of here, they have snow. Here at my house in Harrisburg, PA, not a single flake fell. Booooooo to you Mother Nature.

  4. Coming from a 4th generation San Diegan:

    Y’all are nuts to live with that kind of weather. My heart went out to that poor clock. I want to take it home and let it retire on a sunny windowsill.

  5. Ever wait on a train in July? Waiting on a train in the summer is a fate worse than death. I’ll take snow over summer any day of the week. Heat is hell Mr. San Diego.

    1. you get flash floods, earthquakes and bad sunburns instead.

      Flash floods? Sure… out near the hills, and down near the washes. Earthquakes? Now and then. Not every damn year (well, not so you notice, anyway). And the bad sunburn, well, you generally only need to get that once. Mine was in 1983. Learned my lesson.

      I know, this was a noteworthy and rare blizzard, but still… you northeasterners actually own snow shovels and snow tires and windshield scrapers and longjohns, and use them to get to work, not just for skiing weekends at Mammoth.

      And our heat isn’t like your heat. We hit 113 F in late September, but it was nice and dry… felt kinda like an afternoon baking cookies. If I venture east of the Rockies on a standard 89-degree August afternoon, I feel like I’m going to melt into a sweaty pink puddle.

      I’ll take my birthright of 330 days of sunshine a year and take my chances with the temblors, guys. I loved snow when I was 10 and didn’t have to drive in it or shovel it. And it makes for pretty pictures. But we’re soft out here in paradise. The only stuff that’s supposed to fall from the sky is ash from the neighboring wildfires.

      1. Ha, Paradise my behind. It’s San Diego, no one gets to call Urban Sprawl paradise. Now, out here in Hawai’i – this is about the most “paradise” you can get while still being in the ‘States.

        I miss snow storms like this a little bit, having grown up in Buffalo – but now I prefer to visit the snow on holiday versus having to deal with it all winter.

  6. I live about 35 miles east of Manhattan on Long Island.

    The winds were gusting up to 60 mph. My yard has spots where there is no snow, and others where the drifts are over 5 feet.

    I stacked firewood on my front porch for easy access, and it is buried, while my main stacks in the yard are almost bare.
    The plows have still not come through, and the Long Island Railroad is completely stopped, which pretty much never happens.

  7. I loved it. It was fantastic. Winter is beautiful. That is, at least, partially why you choose to live in the northeast of the US.

  8. Whose woods these are I think I know. His home is in the village, though. He will not see me stopping here to watch his woods fill up with snow.

  9. I live in Belmar… This was a crazy storm as of right now 10:23pm Monday night roads are still unplowed. Abandoned cars are preventing the trucks from plowing our streets… We are completely snowed in, the snow drifts pass well over first floor windows. We just have to sit and wait it out I guess =(

  10. I like the clock getting pushed and cleaned. And also the fact the yardstick was a tad optimistic, and then was just buried under piles of fluff.

  11. Really amazing video.
    Poor, little, submerged clock! ;-)
    I really liked first comment!

    And I’d really like seeing similar timelaps videos! Any links?
    Poster #28 ( )…. I’m really sad for you, I can’t imagine what itcould happen here in Rome after such a snowfall!
    I think you’re not even able to open the doors and windows of your house!
    Seeing a timelaps of melting snow would be also cool…

    1. I would just like to say, Having been to CA and Phoenix in the summer where it reaches 120 degrees and lived in Buffalo, I now live in Alabama the air we breath in the summer is like breathing water. I would take 120 in phoenix over 95 in bama. I also miss the blizzards

  12. Oh yea, its headlined “NYC” when its something cool or notable, and New Jersey when its something bad or negative.

    Enough already! Thought Gawker would be smarter than that, because I’m sure most of you working in New York are from Jersey anyway. (Though you say you are from New York to make things easier, we all do it.)

    Case in point: The Jersey Shore cast are ALL FROM NEW YORK (but one), they grew up in New York, live in New York, NOT New Jersey.

    So frat boys on vacation in Cancun represent Mexican culture and what it means to be from Mexico? Yea.

  13. Sorry for the mix-up, was just at the Gawker site.

    In this case, since not all of you are even from the USA, it makes is more forgivable since NYC & NJ geographically almost mean the same thing.

    BUT, nonetheless, my original point still stands!

  14. I live in Union County NJ, about 35miles southhhh and then west of NYC, we had 31.8 inches recorded, with really big snow drifts. The amount of snow really isn’t whats crazy its the fact that it took only about 14hrs or so to put it down. And winds were gusting up to 70 MPH. at 8pm on Sunday night I went out and there was about 8 inches, I shoveled completely and was covered by snow when I came inside. By 9am the next morning, you couldn’t tell I shoveled at all. And what normally takes me about an hour and 20mins to shovel took well over 3hrs going non-stop without any breaks.

    FYI for the record, Belmar is more like 60 miles from NYC, not 30.

  15. Just got back from spending a week in a suburb north of NYC. That video is a good depiction of what we got too. Also, a resultant power outage for about 18 hours.

    The sledding was phenomenal! Getting back home via a plane, not so much.

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